New Launch: Premium Class 6 Mathematics, English And Science Worksheets

New Launch: Premium Class 6 Mathematics, English And Science Worksheets

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Help your child excel in mathematics with the help of Edurite’s Class 6 math’s worksheets.  Interesting exercises with pictures and diagrams ensure that students learn and reinforce math concepts in a fun-filled manner.  With topics ranging from long division to algebraic expressions, these sixth-grade math worksheets take a comprehensive approach to sixth-grade math curriculum. The Class 6 math’s worksheets have many practical-based exercises which help students reinforce concepts well. 
Class 6 English worksheets help students learn and review English completely.  Students will understand and review English concepts thoroughly with the help of engrossing Edurite’s worksheets. Students will enjoy learning mathematics and English with the help of Class 6 worksheets.  The class 6 worksheets will help student’s ace in their tests and exams.  Science worksheets teach students about the world around them, from molecules to spheres and everything in between. Help your kids develop a keen interest in the subject with the help of Edurite science worksheets. Science is interesting and learning it with lots of examples make it all the more fascinating.
The worksheets have been meticulously prepared by expert educators with an emphasis on learning outcomes.  The worksheets are mapped to the current NCERT syllabus and are conveniently available in book format. The worksheets are full of colorful pictures and interesting activities that will help students review class 6 English efficiently. 
Here are some key features of our worksheets:
1. All subjects that are covered in Class 6: Mathematics, English and Science Worksheets. In the form of 3 booklets.
2. Total of 444 pages. With hundreds of different activities that reiterate concepts learnt.
3. Easy to understand questions, that the child can work on independently, requiring minimum parent supervision.
4. Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus.
5. Comes with motivational stickers that parents can use to encourage the child.
6. High quality, A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.

Some topics covered in English (Number of pages: 154)

1.      Punctuation

2.      Expletive Construction

3.      Auxiliary Verb

4.      Synonyms & Antonyms

5.      Homophones

6.      Contractions and Verb Conjugation

7.      Degrees of Comparison

8.      Collective Nouns

9.      Adjective Suffixes

10.    Similes

11.    Suffixes and Prefixes

12.    Nominalisation

13.    Spot the Word

14.    Find the word that Rhymes

15.    Unscramble and Spell

16.    Modals and Mood

17.    Phrases and Clauses

18.    Noun Clause

19.    Adjective Clause

20.    Adverb Clause

21.    Relative Clause


Some topics covered in Mathematics (Number of pages: 150)

1.     Count and Add

2.     Count and Write

3.     Number Sequence

4.     Pattern Completion

5.     Ordinal Numbers

6.     Identify Shapes and Colour

7.     Money and Currency

8.     Skip Counting – 2, 10

9.     Maze Games

10.   Addition & Subtraction

11.   Identify Time

12.   Measurement

13.   Months in a Year


Some topics covered in Science (Number of pages: 140)

1.      Food Ingredients

2.      Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores

3.      Electric Cell Structure

4.      Conductor and Insulator

5.      Types of Fibres

6.      Measurement of Length

7.      Water Cycle

8.      Spinning

9.      Living and Non Living Organisms

10.  Components of Air

11.  Uses of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

12.  Habitats of Organisms

13.  Animals Habitats

14.  Types of Carbohydrates

15.  Dietary Fibre

16.  Functions of Vitamins and Minerals

17.  Deficiency Diseases

18.  Presence of Oxygen in Soil and Water

19.  Electric Circuits

20.  Types of Motions

21.  Water Cycle Process

22.  Dealing with Garbage

23.  Water Treatment Process

24.  Habitat and Adaptation

25.  Features of Organisms

26.  Respiratory Organs of Organisms

27.  Transparent, Opaque & Translucent Materials

28.  Carbohydrates

29.  Weaving and Knitting

30.  Factors for Sedimentation

31.  Magnet Mystery

32.  Recycling Waste Paper

33.  Recycling Plastic


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