New Launch: Premium Class 3 English Worksheets

New Launch: Premium Class 3 English Worksheets

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Exams are a time when students bring all of the material they have learned together in a year. One needs to go over the book chapter by chapter, only moving on when a chapter is mastered. Learning through worksheets properly helps students to schedule their study time. This knowledge will be effective and considered the best approach in studying for an exam.  Worksheets divide the material so that you study the harder stuff earlier and the things you know well later. Learning how you, study is one of the keys to success on a study plan. Edurite worksheets are simple but fun at the same time, ensuring children grasp concepts quickly and effortlessly. You can also purchase the Math, English and EVS worksheets they represent the pinnacle of the learning process.

Learning is enhanced with pictures and activities. Bringing to you high-quality colored worksheets for children from Kindergarten to Class 6 that makes learning a happy and interesting experience.


Here are some key features of our worksheets:
1. The Class 3 worksheet covers :  English In the form of 1 booklet.
2. Total of 225 pages. With hundreds of different activities that reiterate concepts learnt.
3. Bright colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
4. Easy to understand questions, that the child can work on independently, requiring minimum parent supervision.
5. Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus.
6. Comes with motivational stickers that parents can use to encourage the child.
7. High quality, A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.

Some topics covered in English (Number of Pages: 225)

1.      Correlate Words with their Meanings

2.      Adjectives

3.      Adverbs

4.      Formation of Phrases

5.      Practice the Appropriate Use of Verbs

6.      Antonyms

7.      Rearrange Words in Alphabetical Order

8.      Articles

9.      Nouns and

10.  Pronouns

11.  Practice the Correct Use of Capital Letters

12.  Contractions

13.  Compound Words

14.  Conjunctions

15.  Spelling Words

16.  Construct Grammatically Correct Sentences

17.  Homophones

18.  Reading and Comprehension

19.  Rearranged Letters to Form Words

20.  Degree of Comparison

21.  Link Nouns with Suffixes to form Adjectives and Adverbs

22.  Synonyms

23.  Prepositions

24.  Proverbs

25.  Punctuation and Capital Letters


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