New Launch: Premium Class 1 Mathematics Worksheets

New Launch: Premium Class 1 Mathematics Worksheets

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Edurite Class 1 Mathematics worksheets are colourful, they are interesting, they challenge your child and what is more, they are super fun !!

Math is not just a subject but a life skill. Math helps in managing time and saves money. Math is the language of explanation. Practicing math problems is the best way for you to build up your child’s expertise. Work as many problems as you want to, because Mathematics makes life orderly without which the world cannot move an inch. Be it a carpenter or a mechanic, a cook or a farmer, a shopkeeper or a scientist, an engineer or a doctor, musician or a magician, everyone needs mathematics in their day-to-day life. There are countless examples of mathematical patterns in nature. Anyone can be a mathematician if one is given proper guidance in the initial age of one's life. Math helps in clarity of thinking, therefore, it should be taught right from the primary classes.
Here are some key features of our worksheets:
1. The Class 1 worksheet covers :  Mathematics in the form of 1 booklet.
2. Total of 281 pages. With hundreds of different activities that reiterate concepts learnt.
3. Bright colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
4. Easy to understand questions, that the child can work on independently, requiring minimum parent supervision.
5. Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus.
6. Comes with motivational stickers that parents can use to encourage the child.
7. High quality, A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.

Some topics covered in Mathematics (Number of pages: 281)

  1. Identifying Coins
  2. Shapes that Make Patterns
  3. Shapes and Shades
  4. Addition and Subtraction
  5. Number 1 – 100
  6. Value of Money
  7. Counting
  8. Reading the Time
  9. Sequencing
  10. Greater than, Lesser than
  11. Differentiate between Smaller and Larger numbers
  12. Counting on the Abacus
  13. Writing Numbers in Different Ways
  14. Minus Sums
  15. Skip Counting Backwards
  16. Shapes of Objects
  17. Data Handling
  18. Dots and Spots
  19. Understanding the Time Table
  20. Counting with Fingers

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