New Launch: Premium Class 1 Mathematics, English, Environmental Science and Hindi Worksheets

New Launch: Premium Class 1 Mathematics, English, Environmental Science and Hindi Worksheets

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Class 1 Mathematics, English, Environmental Science and Hindi Worksheets
Edurite Class 1 Worksheets is the best way to start your child's education. Give your child a flying start in his/her academic journey. They provide the ideal foundation that your child needs as he/she starts school. The best way parents can help make this new beginning smooth is by introducing some daily practice in the subjects. Edurite worksheets build logical and analytical skills early in the child's life. They are fun and interesting and something your child will enjoy doing. You will be giving your child comprehensive learning resources that will set them off on an exciting and memorable learning journey and help them excel in academics.
The creative worksheets that come with various attractive and engaging features, keep the child motivated while enhancing his creativity and intellect.
Here are some key features of our worksheets:
1. All four subjects that are covered in Class 1 is provided: Mathematics, English, Environmental Science and Hindi, in the form of 4 booklets.
2. Total of 787 pages. With hundreds of activities that reiterate concepts learnt.
3. Bright colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
4. Easy to understand questions, that the child can work on independently, requiring minimum parent supervision.
5. Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus.
6. Comes with motivational stickers that parents can use to encourage the child.
7. High quality, A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child
Some topics covered in Mathematics (Number of pages: 281)
1.   Identifying Coins
2.   Shapes that Make Patterns
3.   Shapes and Shades
4.   Addition and Subtraction
5.   Number 1 – 100
6.   Value of Money
7.   Counting
8.   Reading the Time
9.   Sequencing
10. Greater than, Lesser than
11. Differentiate between Smaller and Larger Numbers
12. Counting on the Abacus
13. Writing Numbers in Different Ways
14. Minus Sums
15. Skip Counting Backwards
16. Shapes of Objects
17. Data Handling
18. Dots and Spots
19. Understanding the Time Table
20. Counting with Fingers
Some topics covered in English (Number of Pages: 241)
1.   Missing Letters & Spelling
2.   Rhyming Words
3.   Appropriate Use of Words
4.   Form New Words by Inserting Letters
5.   Match Adjectives with Nouns and Nouns with Verbs
6.   Analogy
7.   Reading and Comprehension
8.   Rearrange Letters to Form Words
9.   Arrange Words to Form Sentences
10. Associate words with their Meanings
11. Capital Letters
12. Reading and Counting Skills
13. Associate Objects and Numbers
14. Tense -  Past Tense, Present Tense and Future Tense
15. Question Marks and Exclamation Marks
16. Identify and Name Objects
17. Differentiate between Questions and Statements
18. Adjectives
19. Singular and Plural
20. Rearrange Words to Forms Sentences
Some topics covered in EVS (Number of Pages: 118) 
1.   Animals, Home, Sounds, and Classification
2.   Healthy Food
3.   Clothes we Wear
4.   Daily Habits
5.   Our Earth
6.   The Plant World
7.   Parts of a Plant
8.   Be Safe on Roads
9.   Safety at Home
10. Seasons
हिंदी के कुछ विषय (पृष्ठों की संख्या: 179)

1.      शब्दों का सही चित्र से मिलान |

2.      भूलभुलैया खेल और बिंदुओं का मिलान |

3.      नये शब्दों के अभ्यास के लिए रंग भरना/ बिंदुओं का मिलान गतिविधियां |

4.      कविताओं और कहानियों के माध्यम से शब्दों को सीखना और याद रखना|

5.      वाक्य को पूरा करने के लिए सही चित्र को रेखांकित करें|

6.      सरल विषयों पर निबंध लेखन |

7.      व्याकरण: संज्ञाएं, क्रियाएं, विशेषण सीखना|

8.      काल सीखना - भूतकाल, वर्तमान और भविष्य काल

9.      स्वरों के उपयोग की पहचान करना |

10.    कहानी के अनुक्रम की पहचान करना|

11.    रचनात्मक गतिविधियों के माध्यम से बहुत सारे नए शब्द सीखना|

12.    अक्षरों को जोड़कर शब्दों को सीखना |

13.    सामान्य जागरूकता |

14.    एकवचन और बहुवचन सीखना |

15.    वाक्य बनाना सीखने के लिए विभिन्न गतिविधियां|

16.    विलोम शब्द और समानार्थी शब्द सीखना |


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