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what is the slope formula for triangle

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Question:I have been given 3 different points for a problem (5,8) , (0,7) , (2,-3) I am suppose to use the distance formula to find what kind of triangle it is. Could someone work it out and explain it for me?

Answers:sketch the points in a graph to see where they are roughly located, then calculate each of the lengths of the triangle using the distance formula ( d= square root [ (x1-x2)^2+(y1-y2)^2] and two of the coordinates. if all of the sides are equal then the triangle is an equilateral triangle, if two sides are =, then isosceles triangle. and if you suspect the triangle is a right triangle, find the slopes of the three sides and see if two of them are perpendicular to each other.

Question:i just need to know the formula for it ok i need to know how to do it all the way through, like doing the two points (1,2) and (3,8). So and after i get that part done i got to right the equation but i got that.

Answers:The formula to find the slope, given two points: Given points: (x1, y1), (x2, y2) (Note: the numbers are written as subscripts, but I can't do that on here) slope = m = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1)

Question:Hey, Everybody! I was trying to figure out a math problem for a right triangle, however there was too many heights. When I googled this, I couldn't find any information. So if anyone knows, I would like to hear your feedback.

Answers:a(2)+b(2)=c(2) (A squared + b squared = c squared) Is that what you were asking?

Question:so i find that the slope formula is y2-y1/x2-x1 (the numbers are supposed to be those little ones that indicate a different value for y or x) http://www.wtamu.edu/academic/anns/mps/math/mathlab/col_algebra/col_alg_tut25_slope.htm go to that website and it states the same equation, but when it gives the example it actually does y1-y2/x1-x2, however, in my book and on this website http://cs.selu.edu/~rbyrd/math/slope/ it states the equation i used, and it uses it for the example. my question is, with the first website, am i doing their examples wrong or did they make an error when creating the page? (when u look at the example on the first one you'll know what im talking about) thanks!

Answers:Both formulas are correct. Try a few problems using both of the formulas one after another. After simplifying you should notice that the slope evaluates to the same value.

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Algebra 1: Slope 'what is it?' & using the formula :Here we see how slope is a measure of steepness, what it looks like in the real world, and how to figure out the slope in algebra class.