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Question:im looking for a prentice hall mathematics algebra 1 online answer key. if you could post th website like that would be great.

Answers:Why do you want it?

Question:Authors: Smith,Charles and Dossey, Bittinger

Answers:Yes I Likely do, but I can create and post solutions faster than I can look them up.

Question:I need to find answers for Algebra and I need the right ones

Answers:You could find them by working them out..:) Thats the best way to learn it.. or go to the best site for tutoring there is. I used it all through college.

Question:please i really need it, i want to know if my answer is right or wrong,

Answers:You probably can't as it's a copyrighted book and a teacher's manual to boot. However, if you'll post the question we can solve it and then you can see if you got the right answer. :)