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Adjectival phrase

An adjectival phrase or adjective phrase is a group of words in a sentence that functions in the same way a lone adjective would.

Adjectives are used to modify nouns or pronouns. They give an additional detail about the meaning of a noun. In the sentence "Mr. Clinton is a wealthy man." The question "What kind of man is Mr. Clinton?" is answered by the word ‘wealthy’.

To use an adjectival phrase, the word 'wealthy' is replaced with a group of words: 'of great wealth'. The sentence becomes "Mr. Clinton is a man of great wealth."

Both of these sentences convey the same meaning.


An example of a sentence with an adjectival: Jackson is a Friendless boy "Friendless" is the adjectival.

The same example with an adjective phrase:

"Without a friend" is the adjective phrase.

An example of a sentence with an adjective:

The Politician is a ''kind'' man.

"Kind" is the adjective.

The same example with an adjectival phrase:

"Of kindly nature" is the adjective phrase

Adverbial phrase

An adverbial phrase (AdvP) is a linguistic term for a group of two or more words operating adverbially, when viewed in terms of their syntactic function.

Compare the following sentences:

  • I'll go to bed 'soon.
  • I'll go to bed 'in an hour.
  • I'll go to bed 'when I've finished my book.

In the first, soon is an adverb (as distinct from a noun or verb), and it is an adverbial (as distinct from a subject or object). Clearly, in the second sentence, in an hour has the same syntactic function, though it does not contain an adverb; therefore, a preposition and a noun (preceded by its article) can function together as an adverbial. Such a multi-word adverbial may be called an adverbial phrase. In the third sentence, we see a whole clause functioning as an adverbial. This can also be thought of as an adverbial phrase, but more specifically, it is termed an Adverbial clause.

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Answers:A mathematical "phrase" is composed of numbers, letters, and operations like +, , x, , exponents, roots, etc. An example of a phrase might be as simple as: 2 + 67 15 or with some letters tossed in: 2x + 3y 4z As soon as you put two phrases on either side of a relationship symbol, you make a mathematical "sentence". What is a "relationship symbol" you ask? well the most famous and well-known is the equals sign, "=" There are others though, like: <, >, , So some examples of sentences might be: 2 + 6 3 = 10 2 or: 3x + 6 = 12 or: 4y + 7 > 13 Hope this helps!? Cheers


Answers:two times a number equals sixteen 2n=16 n=4


Answers:Here we go! Please be sure to rewrite this in your own words, since Google will find it here. What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. An equation contains an equals sign, but an expression does not have one. An expression is like a phrase in English grammar, while an equation is more like a complete sentence. Example of an expression: 6a - 223 Example of an equation: 7a + 25 = 84 Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain. You cannot solve for a variable in an expression. In order to solve for a variable, you need to be able to perform things like additions and multiplications on both sides of an equals sign. An expression doesn't have an equals sign, so this cannot be done. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain. Yes, you can solve for a variable in an equation. By performing the same operations (additions/multiplications/etc) on each side of the equals sign, you can try to isolate the variable on one side of the equation, and get its numerical value on the other side of the equation. Write a mathematical phrase or sentence for your classmates to translate Here is a phrase to translate: "I have six more than four times as many pizzas as you" (The solution / translation is 6 + 4p) Here is a sentence to translate: "If I buy six pizzas, I will have four times as many as I have now" (The solution / translation is p + 6 = 4p) Let me know if you need any more for any of these parts, or if you have any questions. Thanks


Answers:The sum of 8 and 9 x=8+9 Lol it's pretty basic but still it's an mathematical sentence

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