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Question:I'm making a 72(progress report grade) in Biology Pre-Ap but I really want to bring it up to a B+ or preferably an A. I have worked so hard in that class but the problem is the test he gives us. We are now doing an animal kingdom notebook project and we are allowed to use our notes, but when it is test time, it's not easy looking through the whole notebook secton in less than 50 mins on a 40-50 question test. Please, what are some advice to help me prepare better on my test. I write my notes in a sub-divided format( I forgot what the format is called) so they are very organized. I don't know, I don't think I study enough but I really want to do well on my next test and this six weels report card. Please help(Tips!!, are welcome) ---------------- -10 points-best answer -5 stars -added contact(if I already added you, I'll answer 1 or 2 of your questions) p.s I have one week because after this week is final exams and I would like some tips to prepare for the biology exam... thx

Answers:It is good you can use your notes, but don't use them as a crutch. I home schooled my daughter and she always did well on the animal kingdom because she loves animals. Math went in one ear and out the other. To this day, she has problems with math. It is not that she can't do it, it is her attitude toward it. My point, hit the books and fall in love with the subject. I know it sounds hard, but you are seeing the animals a seperate. In the larger picture, they are a part of us. Find out how. My husband and I went to 'The Bodies Exhibit' when we were in Vegas. He didn't want to go at first, but then he changed his thinking about it and enjoyed it. It had a bunch of bodies sliced in different ways so you can see inside the human body, in case you never heard of it. You would be surprised how some parts of our inner bodies look like different fish and animals. It was amazing. Anyway, attitude is key. Once you make the decision to really know the subject, you will be more aware of thing you wouldn't have noticed before. Just learning it for a test will only get you so far. Learning to have an understanding and really seeing the subject will give you a greater understanding and then you will be able to mark references that will take you quicker to areas with facts that will be usable on your test. Use those post it tabs to help you move quicker. I hope I helped you. Good luck.

Question:If you have a degree in pure Chemistry, i.e: BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, can you take Masters in Food Science and Technology in most English Universities around the world? Any answers/advices would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced! is it even better if i take a Chemistry degree instead then? Like easier to understand the concepts in Food Sci & Tech.

Answers:I think you would do very well. You may have to take a few Animal Science leveling courses, but other than that, it shouldn't be a problem. My parents both have MS degrees in Food Technology, and they took a lot of organic chem and classes like that.

Question:Question 1: What are the numbers? They are: Bigger than 10 Less than 30 Common factors of 48 and 72 Answer >> ... and .... Question 2 Find the highest common factor (HCF) of 12 and 20 Answer >> ..... Question 3: a) Express 126 as a product of its prime factors answer >> .... b) Given that 154 =2x7x11, use your answer to part A) to find the highest common factor ( HCF) of 126 and 154. Question 4. a) write 350 as the product of its prime factors Answer >> ...... b) Find the highest common factor (HCF) of 350 and 105 answer >>> ..... Question 5 Find the reciprocal of 4 answer >> ... Question 6. write 48 as a product of prime factors answer >> .... Question 7. Write down the prime numbers between 30 and 40 answer >> ..... question 8 a )write 90 as the product of its prime factor answer >> ....... b) Find the highest common factor (HFC) of 90 and 66 LOL well done to you all :D

Answers:1. 12 and 24 2. 4 3a. 2 3 3 and 7 3b. 7 4a. 2 5 5 and 7 4b. 35 5. 1/4 or .25 6. 2 2 2 2 and 3 7. 31 and 37 8. 2 3 3 and 5 9. 6

Question:I have recently completed an undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology & Criminal Justice and I am now looking to start a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. I cannot affoed to get another student loan, or a personal loan, and I wanted to know if there is there any other type of funding available to pay for the masters? Are there any organisations that can contribute towards paying for it? Also, what are the advantages of gaining a masters in this field? Serious answers please, thanks in advance.

Answers:Ok well i don t have first hand experience but my older sister completed her master in forensic psychology about a year ago she did the same degree as you as well. Well she had to get another loan to fund her master but i will ask her later what type it was and add to this reply for you wont be for a couple of hours as she is at work. She now works as a trainee forensic psyc officer at a prison. She has other friends who did the same degree but not the masters who are doing similar jobs. My sister has on several occasions said that the masters was costly time consuming and really hard work. I don t think it helped her when getting jobs as when she applied for trainee positions she was being told she was over qualified and when applying for other positions that were not trainee she was told she had a lack of experience. My advise would be to go an work get some experience in the field rather then doing the masters. but good luck what ever you decide (i will come back on later and give info on the loans she got for the masters)

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