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like charges repel and unlike charges attract

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Question:So, can charged objects attract neutral ones? Like, say I have a negatively charged polyethylene strip and an uncharged pith ball. If I bring the strip close, will the pith ball be affected? (either attracted or repelled?) ...And while I'm at it, would rubbing an acetate strip with silk charge it positively? :D Thank you for your time!

Answers:the negative charged rod will attract the neutral pith ball - it attracts the positive charges to the surface closest to the rod whilst repelling the negatives

Question:Can two adjacent free electrons attract or repel to each other? Thanks for your help.

Answers:well sense they have the same charge they must repel each other. electrons do not like being close to eachother. is this a trick question?

Question:Is the electric potential energy of two unlike charges postive or negative? What about two like charges? What is the significance of the sign of the potential energy in each case? (23/19)

Answers:Two unlike charges are by definition one positive and one negative. Think of the number line from elementary school math. Examples to illustrate: Negative 2 volts and positive 2 volts have a potential, or difference of 4 volts. If two like charges have the same voltage, then there is no potential energy. If there are two positive charges, but one is 2 volts and one is 4 volts there is a potential energy of 2 volts between them. Think of the number line again. Both are positive but there is a potential of 2 between them. The same holds for negative charges. Potential should never be a negative number because potential is the distance between two points on a number line, and that distance should be either zero or a positive number. Then what are people saying when they say that there is negative x volts? That means that the voltage is being measured against another pole that is x volts more positive. In other words it is a relative term. It is -x volts, but only relative to the other more positive pole,

Question:I still do not get what current means? In order for me to get current, i need to know what charge means? Also why does the current stay the same in a series circuit? Cause doesnt charge get used up by each resistor? And why does current change in a parallel circuit for each resistor?

Answers:A charge means the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons. >there are two kinds of charge, positive and negative >like charges repel, unlike charges attract >positive charge comes from having more protons than electrons; >negative charge comes from having more electrons than protons >charge is quantized, meaning that charge comes in integer multiples of the elementary charge e >charge is conserved And this flow of charge constitutes electric current. Current is taken in the direction of the flow of protons and in opposite in the direction of electron. V=IR, is the ohms law. In series circuit there are many resistors, every resistor may have different resistance and hence diff potential difference at its end. So voltage across series circuit is the sum of the voltages of each resistor. So according to ohm's law I remains constant as resistance and pd varies. In parallel circuit even the resistance varies the potential diff remain same along each resistors so according to ohm's law current varies as voltage remains same and resistance varies. I have the answer long because you had not understood charge properly, which is the basic. Though it may be tough for you to get it at first, its easy. http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/PY106/Charge.html This website helps a lot for beginners, really. Try it.

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Are Molecules Attracted by Electrical Charges - Home School NOEO Physics II :This was an experiment to determine whether Molecules would be attracted to an electrical charge. Water molecules are polar molecules therefore they have two ends like a magnet; one positive, one negative. Oil molecules are non polar and therefore neutral. Capped plastic pens can be temporarily charged with negative charges when they are rubbed in your hair. The pen should have a reaction with the water, but not with the oil. These simple experiments are designed to help a young child understand basic Physics.

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