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Answers:Everything around is chemistry. There would be no life without chemistry. Have there been chem industry problems , yes. And many advancements


Answers:a life without problems i think it will be boring.human must have problems otherwise our characters can't take a shape.

Question:can ne 1 tell me about this?

Answers:You can not image any thing without use of chemistry.Say for medicines, petrochemicals and fertilisers ( Made up of crude oil and natural gas or any other C-H compound), Inorganic Chemistry is used for metals and its derivatives a long list of such items.Organic Chemistry just we cannot image. and the derivatives from this like soap, cosmetics,medicines,furniture, switchs,power, cells, circuits,cables,insulation,pipes, -------

Question:Water is composed of 2 Hydrogen molecules and 1 Oxygen molecule (H20), covalently bonded. But I've been hearing about the possibility of water/ice in space (such as Europa), not to mention the existence of water on Earth before the origin of life. But oxygen (to my knowledge) can only be created by life, and was not made until cyanobacteria began the process of photosynthesis. How could there have been liquid water on early Earth and in space if there were no life forms to produce the oxygen for hydrogen to bond to?

Answers:I believe you have a few misconstrued ideas about chemistry. 1. oxygen, or ANY element for that matter, is not "created" by any living thing, it already exists in one form or another, bacteria (and plant-life) simply carry out the process of photosynthesis: 6 CO2 + 6 H2O -> C6H12O6 + 6 O2 The well known chemical equation shows that the oxygen is NOT "generated" from life, but just converted from CO2 in the creation of glucose. These O2 Molecules are what you and I breathe to carry out respiration [quite a few more chemical reactions, just trust me on this one], and eventually exhale CO2, which the plants use in photosynthesis again, in a (hopefully) never-ending cycle. 2. One scientific theory believes that comets, already covered in liquid ice, bombarded a superheated, liquid-rock earth for hundreds of years before life was possible, bringing the millions of gallons of water that now cover our planet, so it stands to reason that water must have existed far before life on earth. 3. So the real question on hand is, where does the water come from? With the exception of elements created through nuclear fission or fusion, all the mass in the universe was created by the big bang, so free H2 and O2 reacted to form water when the universe was still a baby (in the universe's terms).

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Chemistry of life Song :this is for my ap biology extra credit assignment, sorry for being a bad singer but i hope you like it! This is for my extra credit project, in ap bio, this is the first unit. really sorry for being a bad singer. this is to the tune of one of the songs in spring awakening. Lyrics: Well i dreamed there was an angle who could help with the chem of life cause all my friends have a's and i want to be a smart wife help me out-out of this nightmare than i heard her silver call she said: first thing you should know is that carbon is it all also the 3 types of bonds are covalent ionic and hydrogen cause and atom has nueutrons, protons, and electrons that make you grin and a molecule is 2 or more atoms with a bond with electronegativity to make the bond strong cause hydrogens the weakest and theres 2 types of covalent bonds holding all of life together so our life can move on see waters so amazing its a solvent with a high surface tension and its adhesion helps it go up plants by capillary action ice floats, and water has a high heat capacity i mean, please cant you see waters amazing abilities organic molecules have carbon with the big ones as macromolecules which are mostly polymers made of monomers why do we need to know this--- no one knows see theres 4 important classes carbohydrates proteins and lipids and you cant forget nucleic acids cause everyone needs it glucose fructose galactose are some monosaccharides and sucrose lactose maltose are some disaccharides cause 2 ...