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Question:I have seen this problem here but no useful answers, so i figured i put it up too. So this is the problem : X1+X3+X5=0 X2+X4+X6=0 X3+X5+X7=0 .....+.....+.....=.... This sequence would continue forever and there are two questions. 1. Find all solutions to the this infinite system for all x's. 2. What is the dimension of the solution space.

Answers:Think of the variables as a sequence - recursively defined. This will make the solution easier than if you think of them as just variables. There is clearly an even/odd split, since evens and odds don't appear in the same equations. So first odds: x5 = -x3 - x1 x7 = -x5 - x3 x9 = -x7 - x5 etc. So you have two you can choose - x3 and x1. So say x1 = a, x3 = c. Likewise for the evens: x6 = -x2 - x4 x8 = -x4 - x6 etc.. So let x2=b and x4=d. Then your solutions are: x1 = a x2 = b x3 = c x4 = d x5 = -a-c x6 = -b-d x7 = a x8 = b x9 = c x10 = d etc. (it repeats from here) Now, the dimension of the solution space is clearly 4, since it's defined by (x1,x2,x3,x4)=(a,b,c,d), despite being a subset of an infinite dimensional space.

Question:Find the value of x 1.)7x + 6 = 27 2.) - 6 + 4x + x = - 6 3.)5(6 - 5x) = - 120 4.) - 9x - 3y = - 9 5.) - 3x + 5y = - 39 6.) x2 - 5x - 66 = 0 7.) x + 7 = 5x + 11 8.)9 - [12 + (15 3)] *THIS IS NOT MY MATH HOMEWORK. THIS IS FOR A BIO PROJECT. I am just verifying test subjects answers for an answer key.

Answers:1) x=3 2) x=0 3) x=6 4) x=y+1 5) x=13+5/3y 6)x=-6 and x=11 7)x=-2/3 8)-8 I hope all those are correct, I just did them quickly in my head. Good luck! :)

Question:i need the "HOLT algebra 1 practice workbook" answer key..... (ISBN 0-03-054288-X)

Answers:Speak to your math teacher. He will help you to obtain the answer key if he feels that would be beneficial to you./

Question:im looking for a prentice hall mathematics algebra 1 online answer key. if you could post th website like that would be great.

Answers:Why do you want it?

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