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Question:Trying to find a single equation I can program into a calculator or use by hand where I can plug in values for variables and spit out relative abundance of two isotopes in %.

Answers:the variables would be RAM.. relative atomic mass from a periodic table. IM1... isotopic mass 1 IM2.. isotopic mass 2 x1 = relative abundance 1 x2 = relative abundance 2 and we know that... x1 + x2 = 1 and.. RAM = x1*IM1 + x2*IM2 so that... RAM = x1*IM1 + (1-x1)*IM2 rearranging... RAM = x1*IM1 + IM2 - x1*IM2 RAM = x1*(IM1 - IM2) + IM2 x1 = (RAM - IM2) / (IM1 - IM2) and you're looking for 100*x1 and 100*(1-x1).. right? % abundance 1 = (RAM - IM2) / (IM1 - IM2) x 100 % abundance 2 = 100 - ((RAM - IM2) / (IM1 - IM2) x 100) ************* capice?

Question:We were doing this experiment in class where we took three different types of candies and we weighed: The candy (which is the isotope) with the wrapper and also weighed the wrapper alone. I know the total mass and average mass for all three isotopes. How would I go about to find the isotope percent abundance? @E. Markson: -.- [insert grumpy face here] ANSWER MY QUESTION OR DIE.

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Question:Copper metal is a mixture of two isotopes: Cu-63 mass = 62.9298 u, and Cu-65 mass 64.9278 u Molar mass of Cu: 64.546 g/mole Calculate % abundances of the two isotopes. Can someone explain how to go about doing this?

Answers:Let x = % abundance of Cu-63 and let y = % abundance of Cu-65 x + y = 100 64.546 = 62.9298 x + 64.9278 ( 100-x) / 100 64.546 = 62.9298 x + 6492.78 - 64.0278 x / 100 6454.6 = - 1.098 x + 6492.78 38.18 = 1.098 x x = 34.8 % => Cu-63

Question:I missed the notes for this chemistry lesson and now i'm clueless.. Help? 1. Three isotopes of magnesium occur in nature. Their atomic masses and fractional abundences are: 23.98504 amu (0.7870) 24.98584 amu (0.1013) 25.98259 amu (0.1117) What is the atomic mass of magnesuim 2. Strontium consists of 4 isotopes with masses of 83.9134 amu ( 0.005 abundance), 85.9094 smu (0.099), 86.9089 amu (0.070) and 87.9056 amu (0.826). What is the atomic mass of strontium? 3. The atomic mss of copper is 63.546 amu. The two naturally occuring isotopes of copper, 63Cu and 65Cu have the masses 62.9298amu and 64.9278 amu. Calculate the fractional abunbance of each isotope. ... I am not loooking for the answers, even an explaination of how to complete the problems. Thanksss

Answers:1) Atomic weight is the weighted average of the constituent isotopes: 23.98504*(0.7870) + 24.98584*(0.1013) + 25.98259*(0.1117) = At Wt of Mg 2) Same as 1. (check answers with PT values) 3) Let fractional abundance of Cu-63 = x, .: fractional abundance of Cu-65 = 1.00 -x hence 62.9298*x + 64.9278*(1.000-x) = 63.546 solve for x; check answer with Wikipedia for Copper: bottom right. Good luck!

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Calculating Isotopic Abundance Example :The following video is on isotopes and calculating average atomic mass of various atoms. For more science and math podcasts search Papapodcasts in iTunes

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