is pie a rational or irrational number

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Irrational number

In mathematics, an irrational number is any real number which cannot be expressed as a fraction a/ b, where a and b are integers, with b non-zero, and is therefore not a rational number. Informally, this means that an irrational number cannot be represented as a simple fraction. Irrational

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Question:It is said that pie is irrational but we represent it as 22/7 which is a rational number.

Answers:22/7 is an approximation of pi, not the exact value. The exact value cannot be represented by a fraction, which is why it's called irrational. Any fraction you find that approximates pi will always be slightly off.

Question:is pie/4 a rational number like 1/8...-12 -6 -9 6?

Answers:No it is not. Dividing a pie by four will give you a rational number of pieces of pie However, anyone trying to infringe upon your four pieces of pie without permission will then be considered irrational. =]

Question:Alright,a lot of problems...I finished them already and I want you to help me check if I got them right. And if I'm missing anything(rational,irrational,natural,whole,integer) or put something wrong in it...please explain how to do the problem...thanks. 1. -14:rational;integer 2. 5/7:rational 3. 0.32;rational 4. 3.76;rational 5. square root of 8;irrational 6. 23; rational,natural,whole,integer 7. square root of 100; rational,natural,whole,integer 8. -1.9;rational,integer 9. 0.47892;irrational 10. square root of 96; irrational 11. 2 3/4;rational 12. 9.3999999999......;rational 13. 325;rational,natural,whole,integer 14. 0;rational,natural,whole,integer 15. square root of 12; irrational 16. 26;rational,natural,whole,integer 17. -square root of 17;irrational 18. 13 3/5;rational 19. -2.37888888...;rational,integer 20. square root of 64;rational,natural,whole,integer 21. 5.5555...;rational 22. -12.2; rational 23. 76; rational,natural,whole,integer

Answers:all look good except 8. -1.9;rational,integer is not an integer 9. 0.47892;irrational is rational, fraction of 47892 / 100000 .

Question:.4646464646... And 2.040506... Also, if you could supply a definition of rational and irrational numbers, but not the fraction one, that confused me! I don't understand how you can easily tell numbers like these, because how are you supposed to know if they can be expressed as a ratio between two while numbers?

Answers:If the digits terminate, the number is rational. Example: 1.25 terminates. If the digits repeat infinitely, the number is rational. Example: .4646464646... repeats. (This number as a ratio of whole numbers is 46/99.) If the digits neither terminate nor repeat, the number is irrational. Example: 2.040506... cannot be proven to repeat with the information we have, so we must assume irrational.

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Rational and Irrational Numbers :Animation that defines & compares rational and irrational numbers

A rational reason for irrational numbers. :This video explains a logical and scientific reason for the irrational numbers sequence that never ends and never forms a regular pattern. It is easy to see that the infinite sequence of whole numbers can represent the infinity of three dimensional space. Because the numbers can be used to represent three dimensional shapes and because they go on into infinity. But in anew theory called Quantum Atom Theory it is the irrational numbers that drop out of the whole number sequence that represents the never-ending expansion of time. Modern physics has no understanding of time no understanding of why we have a future and a past or what the moment of now is. In this theory time is formed by the emission and absorption of EMR or light from one atom to another. Because it is impossible to achieve absolute zero all object radiate EMR continuously even the atom of an observer. EMR will radiate out from it radius a wave function that will continuously form a future probability of when and where it will come in contact with another atom. When it does this it will form a new quantum of energy in the form of a photon. That will have a unique position in space and time that the wave function never had before the collapse. In this way the forward momentum of light forms the massage of time. This theory is based on the simple idea that Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of quantum physics is the same probability that the observer will have with any future event. The Uncertainty Principle is ...