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Question:and is it lethal?

Answers:" Albinism is recessive because if any gene making melanin is working, there will be melanin and the person will be at least somewhat brown. The "albino gene" is not a gene that makes you an albino, it is a gene that does nothing, and if that's all you have you will lack melanin and be an albino. " And no. Of course it's no lethal.



Question:i would really ask for a clear answer but resources are good too! please i need the information, not your stupid and useless comments :[

Answers:Albinism is an inheritable trait that is recessive. A person can have the trait (being heterozygous), but they would not show the trait, and it could occur with both sexes. It's not an x-linked trait, because first, if it is an x-linked trait, then a male whose mother is a carrier of the disease would have the disease (male would) because he got the X gene from her. However, girls can have this too (if both parents are carriers). If you look at the picture, it shows that in the family, the sister exhibit albinism, and her brother doesn't. Therefore it tells that her parents are carriers and it proves that it is not x-linked. If it was, then her brother would have it also. Female XX, male XY. Genotype of the parents would have to be (dad=XwY), (mom=XwX) The borhter would be XY, and the girl with it has to be XwXw.


Answers:It is inherited as an autosomal recessive allele. (There are many traits that are dominant but are rare, like Huntington's disease and polydactyly, simply because there aren't many alelles for those conditions in the gene pool.)

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Biology #7 A - Dominant and Recessive Genes.wmv :Genes are passed on from parent to offspring using dominant and recessive genes. This lesson explains the difference between dominant and recessive genes and how genes are passed on to offspring. Also, discussion between homozygous and heterozygous traits.