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Question:My Answer: - Line can lie in the plane - Line can be parrallel to the plane - Line can intersect the plane at a point

Answers:The line can be contained by the plane, thus the intersection would be a line. If the line is not contained by the plane and the line is parallel to the plane then there is no intersection. If the line is not contained by the plane and the line is not parallel to the plane then the line intersects the plane in a point. I like your answers but I did some rewording in case you are at risk for losing points as follows: Your first two answers don't mention the shape of the intersection and you could lose points for this. You might lose points if you don't write it with a format: we can have ___, we can have ____, and if it isn't either of those then it has to be _____. (I'm hoping your teacher isn't this cruel, but such piranhas are out there... Good luck!)

Question:I have to find lots of examples of the 4 ways to determine a plane. They are: 1. 3 Noncollinear points 2. A line and a point not on it 3. Parallel Lines 4. Intersecting lines I need real life examples of these and I'm really stuck. Help please!!!! Thanks

Answers:1. stars, galaxies, any 3 things that are related on position. 2. a road and dirt on the side of it, maps, pitcher and first base line 3. city roads, lanes of traffic, book pages, tv screen lines 4. crosses, addition signs, t-joints, fire-blocking in stud walls

Question:write the word that describes the lines or line segments. 1.the strings on a guitar 2.the marks left by a skidding car 3.sidewalks on opposite sides of a street 4.the segments that make up a + sign 5.the wires suspended between telephone poles 6.the hands of a clock at 9:00 P.M. 7the trunks of grown trees in a forest. please help. i dont understand this. :(

Answers:1) Parallel 2) Parallel 3) Parallel 4) Perpendicular 5) Parallel 6) Perpendicular 7) Parallel If the instructions are written as you wrote them, then it means pick the word that describes the relationship of the lines in each example. Like with the guitar strings or the sidewalk, these lines run in the same direction so they are parallel. Since a + sign has opposite lines, it is perpendicular, same with 9:00 because the hour hand is horizontal and the minute hand is vertical. Make sense?

Question:Is this true: if 2 lines intersect, then the point they share is a midpoint of both segments. Not sure. I'm doing a proof from scratch in my geometry class, and I don't want to start making up theorems. :/

Answers:You answer is slightly confused. You use line and segment - they aren't the same. However, for lines only: False: Lines are infinite. You cannot say that a certain point on a line is a midpoint, so the intersection also isn't a midpoint. Segments: False. Two segments can intersect anywhere along the segment, for example the ends, which are not midpoints.

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Graph a point of intersection for two lines. Example 2 :Graphing a point of intersection for two lines using the slope and y intercept method of graphing.

Intersection of line and plane :This example shows you how to find coordinates of the intersection of line and a plane ABC. This involves algebraic skill