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Question:I dont know what coplanar is, i am in geometry and dont understand... fill in the blank to tell me if they are: ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, or NEVER A line and a point are ______ coplanar. Two segments are ______ coplanar. Skew lines are ______coplanar.


Question:show that the conjecture below is false by finding a counterexample If two lines do not intersect, then they are not coplanar lines

Answers:Parallel coplanar lines do not intersect.


Answers:No they can meet at any given angle.

Question:its a geometry question..please help like how would i sketch that??

Answers:Take a piece of paper, and draw any three lines, such that no two are parallel. You'll get a triangle, with the sides extended. The corners of the triangle are your three points.

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Intersecting Lines - YourTeacher.com - Geometry Help :For a complete lesson on intersecting lines, go to www.yourteacher.com - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn the definitions of a point, a line, a plane, and space, as well as the symbols that are used in Geometry to represent each figure. Students also learn the definitions of collinear, coplanar, and intersection. Students are then given Geometric figures that are composed of points, lines, and planes, and are asked true false and short answer questions about the given figures.