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Question:another question,..lol's......anybody can help me for this question?this is my assignment in physics.

Answers:Instantaneous acceleration is acceleration (change of velocity/time) at any given time. In layman's terms, it is the acceleration of a certain body (or particle) at any particular given or chosen instant. Hope this helps.

Question:What are there differences and what does average speed, constant speed, instantanesous speed, and velocity have to do with it?

Answers:Speed = change in distance/change in time Acceleration = change in velocity/change in time Velocity is speed in a straight direction. Average speed would be taking the total distance over the total time in a trip. Instantaneous speed is speed at any given time. Constant speed is the speed maintained. (note: change in direction is considered a change in velocity. Change in velocity is a change in acceleration. Anywhere I put a "/" or "over" means divided by)

Question:Is centripetal acceleration an instantaneous acceleration, an average acceleration, both, or neither? Explain? This one has got me stumped because when I first consider it I would assume it is both because when dealing with an object in a circular path, the acceleration is always the same value and it's direction is always towards the centre of the circle meaning that centripetal acceleration would represent both instantaneous and average acceleration. Could anyone give me a hand?

Answers:Only if an object is traveling in uniform circular motion is centripetal acceleration both an average acceleration and an instantaneous acceleration. Uniform circular motion means constant speed, and a circular path of constant curvature. If an object travels in a non-circular path, the curvature changes with position, and so does the centripetal acceleration magnitude. If an object changes speed, centripetal acceleration magnitude changes. ALSO, even if an object travels in uniform circular motion, the direction of acceleration continuously changes. SO, using the full definition of acceleration, I'd say that centripetal acceleration ALWAYS is an instantaneous acceleration, EVEN in uniform circular motion.

Question:(a) Define: average velocity and speed, instantaneous velocity and acceleration. (b) Define the velocity and position of a projectile. A projectile has the least speed at what point in its path? Explain. (c) Describe uniform circular motion and determine the velocity and acceleration of an object which executes this motion. (d) A tiger leaps horizontally from a 16m high rock with a speed of 7.0 m/s. How far from the base of the rock will it land?

Answers:average velocity/speed refers to difference between the initial and the final and the average. instantaneious refers to the given speed at any given instant. A projectile has the least amount of speed once it has reached it's highest point which is ZERO before it accelerates back to the ground. d) t = square root of 2d/a t = square root of 2(16m) / 9.80m/s^2 t = 3.26s v = d /t d = v*t d = 7m/s * 3.26s = 22.9m

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Finding the Instantaneous Rate of Change: Quadratic :This is an explanation of finding the instantaneous rate of change of a quadratic at a point using the fundamental definition.

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