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Question:What are four organic compounds found in living things and what are their function in the human body?

Answers:carb. lipids, proteins, nucleic acids

Question:I don't know if I am right about organic compounds. I think a organic compound is like a alcohol or a steroid.

Answers:Organic compounds are those compounds that contain carbon, hydrogens and oxygen as a majority of the elements making up the molecules. Sometimes, you'll also find Sulfur, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the organic molecules. Some examples of organic molecules in the body include: carbohydrates (sugars) Lipids (fats, oils) Proteins (what your muscles are made out of ) and nucleic acids - like DNA and RNA.

Question:I need a list of some organic acids that are naturally present in the human body.

Answers:There are 92 kinds of naturally occurring atoms may be found in the earth crust but only 11 are common in living organisms. These 11 common elements are the following: Oxygen, Calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, hydrogen, phosphorus, carbon, sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen. Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen (NOCH) are the great majority of atoms in living things about 99.4% of the atoms in the human body. *Combining these elements we form the different organic compounds in our body which is carbohydrates, lipids, protein / nucleic acid.* The most abundant organic compound in our body is protein since its role is very important in our body (repair worn out tissues). Aside from that, certain parts of our body is protein like our hair and nails.

Question:Eplain the significance of each in your body.

Answers:1. Carbohydrates - energy storage. [in plants it also gives structural support!] 2. Lipids - these form cell membranes, organelle membranes, and other membranes within cells. Also used for energy storage. 3. Proteins - structural and functional components of the cell. 4. Nucleic acids - storage of information! Templates for making protein.

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