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Question:People are always talking about natural resources conservation. What is the importance of conserving natural resources?

Answers:They won't last for ever if we continue to use them up and they have an important role in maintaining life as we know it as well as biodiversity, an invaluable resource.


Answers:Water, you can not sustain life without it. That includes every form of life, man, animal, forests, bacteria, etc. Everything! Air, which contains oxygen on which we as human beings depend on for our dear life. Sunlight, which is the beginning of our very existence. Imagine what life would be if there was no sun. There are many other natural resources which surround us on this wonderful planet called the Earth. But I would say that these three definitely top the list. By the way, you ask very intelligent questions. Good for you to be so concerned about your enviornment.

Question:can ne 1 tell me about this?

Answers:You can not image any thing without use of chemistry.Say for medicines, petrochemicals and fertilisers ( Made up of crude oil and natural gas or any other C-H compound), Inorganic Chemistry is used for metals and its derivatives a long list of such items.Organic Chemistry just we cannot image. and the derivatives from this like soap, cosmetics,medicines,furniture, switchs,power, cells, circuits,cables,insulation,pipes, -------

Question:1. How do humans obtain and use different types of natural resources? 2.How important are natural resources to canada and the world? 3.What are some positive and negative ways that people can have an impact on resources? 4.How can humans ensure resources for future generation? 5.Will the Earths Resources Last?? Please help me figure these out =D xox Shay

Answers:In modern times resources are obtained by the use of machines. Natural resources are extremely important for the world. It provides energy and is essential to the economic prosperity of a country. Humans can positively use natural resources that help animals and humans with medicine and food. It makes life easier and provides security. Negatively these resources can be used to destroy nature and life. By limiting the usage of resources and putting restriction on its usage these resources can be preserved. Eventually all resources will end on the planet but if humanity prevails we shall find new ways of using energy.

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Water: Our Most Important Natural Resource :Part 2 of 3. A majority of Canadians consider water to be the nation's most important natural resource. This short video shows why water is important to Canadians' health, the natural environment and the national economy. The tragedy of Walkerton, nearly ten years old, is a painful reminder of the importance of water and still there are nearly 1700 communities in Canada that have to boil their water. Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about water and are looking for governments to act to protect their most important resource.

The Bridge Club - Natural Resources :Natural Resources, a new performance and installation work created by The Bridge Club Collaborative will feature two liquid substances: milk and petroleum oil. Each is loaded with multiple metaphoric meanings (ie, 'mother's milk', 'black gold'), while each is also harvested or extracted from our natural surroundings for human sustenance and consumption. Natural Resources will feature a single, one-night live performance by The Bridge Club. During this performance, the four personae of The Bridge Club, clinically costumed as domestic 'resource workers,' will be engaged in a processing of materials and objects from everyday human domestic life. Objects dipped either in oil or in milk, respectively, will be layered into large, transparent receptacles. As each object is dipped, it will be coated in a simultaneously protective and destructive residue. Following the live performance, the receptacles housing the layered objects will be sealed, allowing the milk and the oil in their respective vitrines to sediment, congeal, rot, and otherwise transform around the domestic materials housed therein. Video footage from multiple projectors will cover the walls of the gallery showing, close-up images of pouring milk and pouring oil, as if the walls themselves were coated in these cascading liquids. Even as the materials in the receptacles begin to decay, the projected liquids will continue to flow, mirroring the dual abundance and loss that characterize our human relationship to the ...