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Importance of Mathematics in Everyday Life

A good understanding or knowledge of maths is necessary for all which helps forever to solve the mathematical problem both theoretical and practical real life. There is a huge number of mathematical based communication technologies have come up in the society which changed the style of conversation among people.

Maths in Daily Life:
We come across the application of maths in everyday life with all the things. Maths is powerful and important subject in technology side, which is used to predict the performance of applications before on sight. The aim of the mathematics is  to acquire the knowledge of the subject and to apply in real life situation that we meet in life. In daily routine like seeing time, in cooking the measure or amount of commodities to be used , savings and expenditure of money, etc all are directly or independently dependent on math.

Basic Mathematics:
The Math subject is brought out in school from lower grade level as one of the subject of the board. Initially student's learn basic fundamental of maths in lower class, further the syllabus of the grade level is higher. Rather than reading maths as a subject in school, it should be brought as learner friendly among students. The clear, confident  and interactive content  in the syllabus attracts students to learn subject and helps to improve basic mathematical skills. Lower class maths includes the basic fundamental level which include number system, sequence, measurement and geometric figure. In higher level maths is classified into different streams which covers arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics.