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Importance of Geometry in our Daily Life

Geometry in life:
Geometry is one of the oldest form of mathematics. The word Geometry means earth measuring,Egyptians were the first people to come up with the term Geometry and in application of measuring the fields. Euclid is the father of Geometry. Euclid wrote a  book about mathematics and geometry called the elements. The elements formed the foundation of ancient Greek mathematics. Hippocrates of Chios (born about 470 B.C) were the first Greek mathematician to write a book on geometry. He wore the book elements of Geometry more than a century before Euclid was born. However the copy of the book was not found. Euclidean geometry is one of the oldest branches and till date serves as basis for the study of new modern technical mathematics.

What is Geometry In Maths: Geometry is the part of mathematics which deals with the study of shapes, patterns and angles. It occurred in many languages ans in all cultures. Geometry can be divided into types namely plane geometry and solid geometry. The basic concepts of geometry are points and lines, angles,polygons. In schools the geometry syllabic is brought from the lower class for their knowledge and understanding purposes of things in daily life. Lower class study of plane of geometry dealing with shapes, circles,lines,triangles and angles. Higher class study on Geometric figure with their proof and properties. Class XI and XII study on the solid objects like cylinder ,sphere, cubes,and pyramids. Even students in kindergarten are made to study the geometry shapes like circles,triangles,rectangle and triangles.

Application of Geometry  Daily Life: Application of geometry is carried out everywhere in all parts of day to day life. Some of the applications are:
finding the area of land,volume of the container, area required to build a room on a floor or constructing building,
In the manufacture of machine design,
measurements of solid shapes
design and representation of patterns,
Manufacture and design of  automobiles.
Geometric properties,theorems play an important role in the expansion and understanding of many branches of mathematics like types of graph,Venn diagrams.