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importance of chemistry in medicine

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Question:How can I get information about antihistaminics' chemistry structure-activity relationship for antihistaminics Please I need a helpful website

Answers:Hi there. If you are going to school you can register online at clinical pharmacology.com and you can access lots of reactions, structure, interactions, ect right from ur PDA. It does cost at least 49.00 i think. But that deals less with the structure and more with mechanisim of action and things having to do with clinical practice. Try Wiki.com also. Usually they always have the structrure posted for any class of medication and common activity relationships listed. hope that helps a little

Question:can ne 1 tell me about this?

Answers:You can not image any thing without use of chemistry.Say for medicines, petrochemicals and fertilisers ( Made up of crude oil and natural gas or any other C-H compound), Inorganic Chemistry is used for metals and its derivatives a long list of such items.Organic Chemistry just we cannot image. and the derivatives from this like soap, cosmetics,medicines,furniture, switchs,power, cells, circuits,cables,insulation,pipes, -------

Question:Hello, I have an interview with the department of chemistry about my medicinal chemistry Msci course, so I am scared sh*tless about this interview as in the letter they sent me they said they would ask me about my enthusiasm for chemistry, general interests and my knowledge of chemistry as well as my personal statement so what will they exactly ask and do i need to be worried, I have received conditional offers from Liverpool and York for the same course at AAB, now the reason i am worried is cause my memory isn't very good so when they ask about my chemistry knowledge im worried i might not beable to answer, for my enthusiasm lets just say i have never voluntary read any chemistry magazines and general interests, all i do all day is go to school, get back then revise after that play COD black ops or some other good video game or go on msn, facebook or youtbe, about three days of the week instead of that i will go to the gym or go to Brazillian Juijitsu. Thats all the stuff i do or have interest in so any tips or ideas about what they will ask For my career im thinking of doing a PHD after the Msci and get a job in the industry with a pharmaceutical company. Predicted: Chemistry:A Biology:A Physcis:B Work experience with a histopathology lab for a month and couple months work at an elderly patients unit at a hospital. Also what do you think my chances are? Many many many many Thanks :)

Answers:Go in with a positive attitude and you have increased your chances.

Question:The mole concept is important in chemistry because 1. atoms and molecules are very small and themole concept allows us to count atoms and molecules by weighing macroscopic amounts of material. 2. it establishes a standard for reaction stoi- chiometry. 3. it explains the properties of gases. 4. it provides a universally accepted stan- dard for mass. 5. it allows us to distinguish between ele- ments and compounds.

Answers:number 1.

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Medicinal Chemistry at KU :The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy houses the only department of Medicinal Chemistry in the State of Kansas. Our successful faculty of 12 serve undergraduate pharmacy students, professional pharmacy practitioners, graduate and postdoctoral students, the scientific community, industry and the federal government, international programs, the University and the State of Kansas. Visitors are often impressed by the camaraderie and sharing of knowledge that permeate the department. The breadth of possibilities in medicinal chemistry is also enhanced by the department's proximity to the rest of the Kansas School of Pharmacy, including the Departments of Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Chemistry Career Profile - Director of Medicinal Chemistry (GSK) :From drug discovery and water treatment to making hair dyes and chocolate, a degree in the chemical sciences can lead to a huge range of career options. Reactiv8 from the Royal Society of Chemistry features video clips of real life scientists talking about their jobs and how they got there. For more information on the Chemistry for our Future programme visit www.rsc.org