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Answers:water, air, soil and living things are some of the things that we need to survive. ever have a salt water fishtank.. there are chemicals that you need to constantly balance because that is vital to the life you have in the fish tank. you need the right amount of salt, chlorine etc. altercations can kill your fish. same thing with earth. water needs to be at the right Ph balance to for sea creatures to live. with the emissions of CO2 it is actually lowering the water's Ph turning the water to acid which will effect sea life such as phytoplankton which is one of the marin life's main food sources and many other fish. also can make the water to acidic to drink. in the air too much carbon will suffocate and kill us. so water, air, soil and living things is important and we do need to do our best to take care of it.


Answers:The six major abiotic factors are water, sunlight, oxygen, temperature, soil and climate. Water is needed by everything, sunlight helps plants perform photosynthesis and then these plants release oxygen as their byproduct. Temperature, soil, and climate, are factors in the environment that have a big impact on how the living things survive.

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Answers:The phospholipid molecule makes up cell membranes. It is ultimately responsible for controlling what goes in/out of the cell, maintaining form and structure and many other things.

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Answers:In mammals, it's neutral salts are a minor constituent of tooth enamel, which is an outer layer of bone. Enamel is the hardest of natural substances. Fluorine itself is a very corrosive, yellow gas. Only three gasses support combustion, Fluorine, Chlorine and Oxygen. Gold will actually catch on fire if exposed to pure Fluorine. Because of this extreme reactivity, Fluorine has few practical uses in living organisms.

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Characteristics of Living Things :Our topic is the 5 characteristics of living things. These characteristics are important because they help us identify what is living and what is dead. The five characteristics are; Must respond to the environment ( as in sweating when the temperature increases. Living things need energy ( as in they must die if they do not get food and water frequently. Living things must grow (as in they must use the food they eat to make each part of their body grow. Living things must reproduce ( as in multiply or make babies). Living things must get rid of waste (as in poop).