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In geometry, an icosagon is a twenty-sided polygon. The sum of any icosagon's interior angles is 3240 degrees.

One interior angle in a regular icosagon is 162° meaning that one exterior angle would be 18°

The regular icosagon is a constructible polygon, by an edge-bisection of a regular decagon, and can be seen as a truncated decagon.


One of the most famous uses of an icosagon is the Showcase Showdown wheel on the popular US game show The Price Is Right.

The Globe, the outdoor theater used by William Shakespeare's acting company, was discovered to have been built on an icosagonal foundation when a partial excavation was done in 1989. [http://researchmagazine.uga.edu/92f/globe.html]

As a golygonal path, the swastika is considered to be an irregular icosagon.


A regular icosagon is constructible using compass and straightedge:

Petrie polygons

The regular icosagon is the Petrie polygon for four higher dimensional polytopes, shown in these skew orthogonal projections:

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Answers:17 one to each of the other verticies except itself and the 2 to the left and the right of it.

Question:Real quickly please


Question:could you tell me some names of polygons with these number of sides because i have to find the interior angle sum of them... anyway: 14 sides, regular 15 sided polygon 30 sides regular 30 sided polygon reg. 24 sided polygon 26 sides reg. 72 sided polygon and how many sides is a icosagon anyone with all or most of these answers will get full points =] thanks xx

Answers:14 sides - Tetradecagon 15 sides - Pentadecagon 30 sides - Triacontagon 24 sides - Icosikaitetragon 26 sides - Icosikaihexagon 72 sides - Heptacontakaidigon An icosagon is 20 sides :) I think these should be right, sorry for any errors, if there is any :)


Answers:11 sided = hendecagon 12 sided = dodecagon 20 sided = icosagon

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Icosagon/sphere :Hey guys, today I make a sphere or technically, an icosagon. My iPhone won't send videos longer than 10 min for some reason even tho the limit on YouTube is 15 min..... But anyway all u missed was me completing it. If u want to see the result, I'll have it in the next video. I'll keep watch of the time this time :D

Burning Life 09 Icosagon Photo Tower :very short video of our Icosagon (20 sided) Photo Tower, free for everyone to add their own Burning Life 2009 photos, at Camp Photo Slam! and my third attempt at machinima from second life