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hybrid varieties of animals

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A breed is a group of domestic animals or plants with a homogeneous appearance, behavior, and other characteristics that distinguish it from other animals of the same species. When bred together, animals of the same breed pass on these uniform traits to their offspring, and this ability—known as "breeding true"—is a definitive requirement for a breed. Plant breeds are more commonly known as cultivars. The offspring produced as a result of breeding animals of one breed with other animals of another breed are known as crossbreeds or mixed breeds. Crosses between animal or plant variants above the level of breed/cultivar (species, subspecies, botanical variety, even different genera) are referred to as hybrids.. Breeds are usually not classifiedscientifically; instead being grouped by breeders according to similar characteristics.


The breeder or breeders who initially establish a breed, do so by selecting individual animals from within the groups gene pool that they see as having the necessary qualities needed to enhance the breed model they are aiming for. These animals are referred to as “breed foundation�, or “breed origination�. Further, the breeder mates the most desirable from his point of view representatives, aiming to pass such characteristics to their progeny. This process is known as selective breeding. A written description of desirable and undesirable breed representatives is referred to as a breed standard.

Breed characteristics

Breed specific characteristics also known as breed traits are inherited, and purebred animals pass such traits from generation to generation. Thus, all specimens of the same breed carry several genetic characteristics of the original foundation animal(s). In order to maintain the breed, a breeder would select those animals with the most desirable traits, to achieve further maintenance and developing of such traits. At the same time, avoiding animals carrying characteristics, not typical and/or undesirable for the breed, known as faults or genetic defects. The population within the same breed consists of a sufficient number of animals to maintain the breed within the specified parameters without the necessity of forced inbreeding. The breed includes several bloodlines that can be interbred to sustain the breed in whole without weakening the gene pool.

Domestic animal breeds commonly differ from country to country, and from nation to nation. Breeds originating in a certain country are known as "native breeds" of that country.

Domestic animal breeds

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Question:It bascially represents a wetlands ecosystem. It shows a diagram.... of the sun, trees, fish, frog, rabbit, grass and plently of water. The answer choices are: (1) the Sun (2) soil (3) plants (4) water

Answers:1. the Sun. All energy that moves up the food chain was originally collected from the sun

Question:I heard its best to give your dogs a variety of foods every once in a while. if so, how often is good? and also what would be the top food brands to take turns with? i heard from several websites that the reason why it is good to change brands every once in awhile is because not one brand is perfect and has all the nutrients the dog needs so by switching them once and awhile your dog gets the nutrients the other brands were lacking. Also its good to give them variety so they won't get tired of the same food.

Answers:C'mon people! Why in the world would it be a good thing for a particular animal to only eat a very limited, man-made diet? Can you imagine a pediatrician telling a new mother to only feed the kid one type of cereal for the rest of the kid's life? Yes, raw or home-cooked are great, not a reasonable option for everyone. No one food is perfect. No one protein source is perfect. Rotating makes sure dogs don't get too much or too little of an element that one food may have an excess of, or a deficiency of. It also encourages their digestive systems to utilize all of the enzymes, and be able to deal with changes that may be necessary in the future. If your dog has been used to only one type of food, then yes, the digestive system is lacking and the dog will have some digestive upset when you switch. The answer is to strengthen the digestive system- add some live culture yogurt, and/or some digestive enzymes, and make the first few switches slowly. All of my dogs (5 total, 3 current) and a few fosters have all adapted well to my way of feeding, which is to buy a different bag of food- different brands, different protein , pretty much weekly, and to also feed some raw, some dehydrated, and some canned throughout the week. So today my dogs got Innova red meat for breakfast, and the same mixed with Evo canned duck for dinner. They'll get dehydrated goose and duck in the morning, and more Innova in the evening tomorrow. Once I move out of the apartment and into my new house, and get a freezer, I'll do more raw.

Question:This week in the UK, the government are meeting to consider a new Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE) Bill . The Bill proposes a number of changes to the current law on the early stages of human life, including the legalisation of research using hybrid embryos embryos created by combining human DNA and animal cells and the removal of any reference to the need for a father for children born as a result of fertility treatment. If the Bill is sent to the committee stage, MPs will begin to debate the ethics behind hybrid embryos, stem cell creation, and saviour siblings in the coming weeks, as well as vote on a number of amendments, including one to lower the legal abortion limit to 16 or 18 weeks from 24 weeks. What you think about these issues?

Answers:I'm okay with stem cell research and the "savior sibling" thing. I can see so much good that goes along with both of those. Perhaps I'm too ignorant of the human/animal hybrid situation to understand it fully. I'll read up on it before I decide fully. However, right now I've got to say the thought kind of makes me queasy. The idea of part animal/part human anything is weird. I know that's not a very scientific term, but until I understand it better, "weird" is the best I can do. :-) Without a doubt, I am in favor of lowering the legal abortion limit.

Question:I am doing the African Animal Wordfind can you help me find the answer to this? Thanks

Answers:I was going to say rhino too, but the black rhino and white rhino both have 2 horns. Black rhino: http://top-10-list.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Black-Rhino.jpg White rhino: http://justinsullivan.com/dubbozoo/white-rhino1.jpg Of the 5 rhino species, only the Indian rhino and the Javan rhino have one horn, and obviously neither of them are found in Africa.

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Hybrid Medical Animation DNA :Our client approached us with a unique challenge: create a stylized DNA structure for a towering, interactive trade show display After the successful trade show installation, we revisited the 3D scene independently to explore more visual possibilites, taking subject matter that is recognizable or familiar like the structure of DNA and creating new ways to beautifully and dramatically represent the double helix. www.hybridmedicalanimation.com

Glass Heart (Hybrid Medical Animation) :This animation is an exploration into the various and novel ways a beating heart may be visually represented using the latest technology. In this case we are allowing the viewer to see the blend between the opaque tissue and the refractory glass, allowing for a unique vantage of the valves and chambers. Future versions of the animation could include blood flow or even a flight through the heart's chambers. For an interactive version of this animation please visit www.hybridmedicalanimation.com