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Question:There are 3 questions. 1. Cork cells come from the bark of the cork oak tree. Unlike onion cells, cork cells appear empty when viewed under a microscope. Formulate a hypothesis to explain why the cells appear this way. 2. Since a nucleus appears in both animal and plant cells, this is evidence that both cells are what type of cell? 3. What factors might affect the different shapes between onion and cheek cells. The lab is called "cells lab". Here is the link to it. http://api.ning.com/files/sdYgYZAdLfm8wsiqW9kbJzRyGk5gFSDIYyHq0YIK0SmLJR53Zk*9z5ouID6zlyuhqzWufK3yew9XMxtFigYCSgwmoa8lSQn6/Biology1Labs.pdf My answers for questions: 1. I don't know, but I think maybe the structure of the cork cell has something to do with this. Or maybe an electron microscope is needed if cork cells are dead. I really don't know... 2. I think that they're both eukaryotics cells? 3. I don't know this one either. But I'm guessing since animal and plant cells look different that this has some influence on how they look. Or maybe the iodine has something to do with the reaction to the cheek and onion cells. Please help this is due tomorrow...


Question:for a project in biology, we had to get a toothpick & scrape the inside of our cheek, & then mix it w/ a drop of methalyne blue, & look at it under a microscope. then we looked at a small leaf under a microscope, because we're learning about the anatomy of the cell. why are the cheek cells less shaped than the leaf cells? & just remember, i'm fourteen, a freshman, so please don't use vocabulary i don't understand. (: thank you.

Answers:The cheek cell has no cell wall as the plant does. The cell wall is a very rigid structure but no animal cell (cheek cell) has it. So when you look at an animal cell, it looks very floppy when a plant cell will practically always have the rigid box shape to it.

Question:Which is larger an epidermal cell of an onion or a human cheek cell?

Answers:epidermal cell of onion, why? because it has fix and elongated shape compare to the human cheek cell..

Question:So what does Muscle cell and cheek cells look like? Can anybody give me a picture of both under 400x magnification under a microscope. My friend told me their shape is a major difference why is that? Do you know why muscle cells are longoval shaped and cheek cell are irregular shaped circles

Answers:Here are images of muscle cells: http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&um=1&hl=en&q=muscle+cells Here are images of epithelial cells (e.g., skin or cheek cells): http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&um=1&hl=en&q=epithelial+cells The cells are these shapes due to their functions. Muscle cells need to stretch and contract in a certain direction in order to pull bones in a certain direction. Skin cells need to stretch and cover as large an area as they can in order to be a covering for the body.

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Human Cheek Cell Under QX5 Microscope(10x,60x,200x) :Observing human cheek cells under a QX5 microscope with 10x,60x,200x objectives.

Human Sperm under a Microscope :Human sperm cells in human semen through a microscope, 400X. Here www.youtube.com is a higher quality version made by someone else.