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Human Body Parts with Picture

Human body is a wonderful creation able to perform various functions and the high rate of coordination between the various parts carrying out the functions is highly amazing. 
There are various parts of the human body. This will be clearer if it is explained pictorially. 

There are five types of sense organs in the human body. 
They are namely the ear, nose, tongue, skin and the eyes. Each one is very important and carries an important. 
The failure of one can lead to disasters for the human body.  The human anatomy is an interesting subject to learn and understand. 
It has always generated curiosity among the doctors and the scientists alike.
The human body parts name with picture will help to explain the concept better. There can be several parts starting from the head. 
Hair is present on the head. The diameter of the hair is even thinner than the finest optic fibre cables which are used in the field of telecommunication.

Another peculiarity of the human hair is that it cannot be broken into two pieces. This is very fascinating, how a thin strand cannot be broken into two pieces. Then the head contains the brain which is the controlling center for the human body. Without the human brain the human body cannot function as there will be no control for the body. The coordination between various organs will not be possible. This is because for any action to be performed by a human the signal has to first go to the brain and then return and only then the action will be completed. This is because without the brain the organs cannot perform their functions.

The eyes are used for the sense of vision. The nose is useful for the purpose for getting to know various smells. The tongue helps to recognise the tastes. The skin gives the sense of touch. There can be different types of sounds in the world but all these can be heard by the human only if the ears are working. The ear drum is an important part of the ear.
The human body parts name with picture can describe the various parts in the human body with the help of the picture. 
This helps one to understand the various body parts and their functions. The mouth is used for the purpose of eating. This food goes through the food pipe to the stomach where it is digested with the help of various digestive enzymes and energy is generated in the human body. The energy generated is very much crucial for the human survival. 

The pictorial representation always helps in better understanding of a concept. So, the human body parts name along with picture will help in better explanation of the concepts regarding the human body. This is why the picture plays a very important role. Like in case of hands having fingers which are useful in holding objects. 
The legs are used for the human body locomotion. 

The human body also has nearly 206 bones and large number of muscles. There are lot of internal organs present in the human body which are responsible for various functions that are carried out by the human body.  
The teeth present in the mouth of a human being are another important part. This helps in chewing of the food. The chewing of the food is very important for the proper digestion of the food. If the food is not properly chewed then there will be problems with digestion. 
As we could see that the human body is composed of various organ parts and each of them are highly important.