how to teach ratio and proportion

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Question:Cindy drives from Baltimore to Ocean City at an average speed of 65 mph. The distance is 160 miles, how long will the trip take. Thank you

Answers:Time=Distance/Speed T=160/65 T=2.5 hours (rounded)

Question:In Patrick's garden for every 3 tomato plants, there are 2 basil plants, and 5 green pepper plants. If there are a total of 60 plants in Patrick's garden, how many of them are basil plants?

Answers:each group of plants totals 10 (3+2+5) therefore there are 6 groups (60 / 10) in each group there are 2 basil plants, therefore there are 6 x 2 basils = 12 basil plants

Question:Ginny and Bill each drive a small car. Ginny averages 40 mpg with her car and Bill averages 30 mpg with his. They attend the same college and live the same distance from campus. If Bill needs 1 gallon more fuel than Ginny for 5 round trips to campus, how far does each live from campus?

Answers:30m/gl(x+1)=40m/gl(x) 10 miles /5=2 miles distance of one round trip 2miles/2= dist from home to campus.

Question:The shadow of a treetop just covers Linda's head as she is standing outside. When she steps outside the shadow of the tree, her own shadow is 8 ft long. Linda's height is 5 1/2 ft. The tree is 42 feet tall. To the nearest foot, how far was she from the tree at first???? A. 80ft B. 66ft C. 53ft Explain your answer.... Thank you..

Answers:66ft... you don't get it?

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Proportions :A song my old 7th grade math teacher wrote to teach you how to do proportions. You just got learned. -Bailey

Solving Ratio Proportion Problems the EASY Way :WEBSITE: Ratio proportion problems give middle and high school students major headaches. Now a simple easy effective quick fun and virtually failsafe method to teach students how to set up and solve these pesky problems is presented. The method uses a TicTacToe game format. The video is only about 18 minutes long and 10 example problems are setup and solved. Copyright 2009 James David Sullivan. All rights reserved. Version 1.0. Feedback is appreciated.