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Question:how do you solve this problem step by step? i dont know how to do it and its on my homework. 5x + 7 = 3x - 5 thanks

Answers:Add 5 to both sides 5x + 12 = 3x Subtract 3x from both sides 2x + 12 = 0 Subtract 12 from both sides 2x = -12 Divide both sides by two x = -6 Lather, rinse, repeat on the next problem.

Question:Square root sign over 5/20 I know that you cannot have a square root sign in your denominator, so you have to divide it, and the denominator becomes 20, so I don't know how to do the rest. how do you determine the numerator. and i need step by step instructions. I was absent for about 8 days at school, and I am a pretty good math student. So thanks for your help!

Answers:You don't divide it ... 1) to get rid of the root in the denominator, multiply by the root (so multiply everything by root 20) 2)so on the top you'll now have root 5 X root 20 = root 100, on the bottom you will have 20 as a whole number, no root 3) the square root of 100 is ... ? 10! 4) you know have 10/20 which simplifies to 1/2

Question:(7 * sqrt(2)) (7 * sqrt(2)). I know the answer is 98, but how do I solve it?

Answers:multiplication is commutative and associative, therefore (7 * sqrt(2)) (7 * sqrt(2)) is the same as 7 * sqrt(2) * 7 * sqrt(2) which is the same as 7 * 7 * sqrt(2) * sqrt(2) now, by definition sqrt(x) * sqrt(x) = x 7 * 7 * 2 = 98

Question:How do you solve this math problem step by step? 4x^(3/4)-12=0

Answers:your problem doesnt make sense is 3/4 an exponent?

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