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Question:1.) 128 tennis players are entered in a tournament. If the top 32 players are seeded, how many ways could we assign the seeds to 32 different players? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.) 100 Senators are being considered to chair 17 committees in the US senate. How many different ways could the chair people be selected, assuming that no one chairs more than one committee? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.) 8 friends go to the movies and Mike insists on being third in line to get tickets. If his wife always stands in front of him in line, how many ways can the 8 friends line up at the ticket window? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.) 10 students wish to go to lunch. How many ways could we line up 5 of them, send them to lunch, then line up the remaining 5? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.) A bookshelf contains 3 math, 3 science and 3 social studies textbooks. If all of the books are different, how many ways can the books be arranged on the shelf? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.) How many ways can the books be arranged such that the books of the same type are together? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.) A baseball team has 25 players on its roster. How many ways are there to pick 9 starters? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.) The local bank branch has a pool of 8 tellers and 8 customer service reps. How many ways can the manager select 4 tellers and 2 customer service reps to work on a given day? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.) Ping-pong balls labled 1-15 are placed in a bag. How many ways can I reach into the bag and pull out either four or six balls? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 10 people at a party, and each pair of people shakes hands exactly once. How many handshakes were there? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many subsets of a 15-element set have either four or six elements?

Answers:hi jenny ! no one is going to solve so many q's for you. if u really want help, u shd post only ones u can'tsolve, at most 2 in one post. anyway, i'll solve possibly the most difficult q of the lot for u q3 mike & his wife are standing at fixed places in the line that leaves 6 others, who can be arranged in 6P6 ways= 6! =720 ways ---------------- just remember, order doesn't matter in a combination, but it does in a permutation you should be able to do the q's on ur own. they aren't too tough. good luck, sorry i saw ur q so late

Question:I have to do a math problem sheet, and I just completely forgot how to do linear combinations. Can anyone walk me through how to solve the first problem? 2x + y=4 x - y=5

Answers:2x + y=4 x - y=5 Add together. 3x = 9 x = 3 plug into first line: (2)(3) + y = 4 y = -2

Question:I have this problem for my math homework and I just can't figure it out can someone please help me? The problem gives a 2 by 1 vector and a 2 by 3 matrix. When you write it as a linear combination is comes out to be... a + 2b -2c = 3 2a +3b -5c = 8 Can someone please help me figure this out? i need to know all of the variables.

Answers:you write b and c in function of a.

Question:I have to do 3 more questions on my Pre-Algebra hw, I don't understand it whatsoever after multiplying the parentheses. Can you please walk me through how to do it. Here are the directions: Multiply the number and variable inside each parentheses by the number in front of the parentheses. Then combine the variables and solve the equation. Here is the sample equation given: 2b + 3(b-7)=44 Please just walk me through how to do it. Thanks!! Thanks so much everyone and obviously it is sooooo easy, duc_thien080194, because you got it correct. (sarcasm)

Answers:2b+3(b-7)=44 [multiply 3 by b-7] 2b+3b-21=44 [add 2b and 3b] 5b-21+21=44+21 [add 21 both sides] 5b/5=65/5 [divide 5 both sides] b=13

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Combinations :This video describes how to mathematically solve and represent simple combination word problems. This is part of a 4th grade lesson.

Solving an Equation by Combining Like Terms :www.mathproblemgenerator.com - How to Solve an Equation by Combining Like Terms. For more practice and to create math worksheets, visit Davitily Math Problem Generator at www.mathproblemgenerator.com