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Question:Hi I have a quick question How do you simplify square root 24 and square root 35 Thank you :]

Answers:24 can be written as the product of 4 and 6. 4 is a perfect square. Thus, it can be simplified to 2. So you write it like this: 2 6. 6 is not a perfect square, and therefore it cannot be simplified any further. 35, on the other hand, is the product of two prime numbers. Thus 35 is its simplest form.

Question:okay, (since i don't know how to make the sign for square root on my computer) henceforth the square root sign shall be [ and ] for example: [4x^3] = 2x[x] (at least, that's what i thought it has been) anyway, the problem was: 3[5] -------- 3 + [2] my answer was: 3[5](3 - [2]) --------------- 7 right or wrong? if wrong, please explain

Answers:Pretty good actually! and yes it is right. All that's left to do now is to expand the numerator or the top of the fraction...and that would be.....(following your method of square root)> 9[5] - 3[10] ----------------------- 7 and THAT is the complete simplified sum...LOL...just had a maths test on the exact same method..and I know its RIGHT! cheers

Question:The problem is, which set represents the lenth of the sides of a right triangle. I eliminated two of the choices, I'm stuck on deciding which one is the answer. Because I don't know how to solve if the Hypotenuse is a square root. :) Please tell me how I simplify the square root. The two remaining sets are: {2,6, square root of 40} {4,6, square root of 40}

Answers:You don't, you square the other two. square all the numbers, the set that adds to 40 is the answer a^2 + b^2 = c^2

Question:Can someone please help me simplify this problem: sqrt(98) + sqrt(50) I just need walk through of how this would be simplified. I just need a reference so that i know how to do this in the future. Btw, incase you wonder what sqrt is, it means square root. Please help and thanks in advance. Thanks for the help people, i now understand it :) I greatly appreciate it.

Answers:The expression can only be simplified if the values under the radical contain factors which are perfect squares: 98 + 50 = (2*49) + (2*25) = 7 2 + 5 2 = 12 2

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Simplifying Numbers under Square Roots :Simplifying Numbers under Square Roots - Numerous Examples are shown! For more free math videos, visit PatrickJMT.com

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