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Answers:72 x 6 times the square root of -18 would have written out as an equation but can't do square root sign on my laptop or actually could be the square root of -54 it would really help if i saw the equation written out.

Question:Help :( I don't understand how the square root of 18 is simplified to 3 X root 2? PLEASE HELP! I'm doing a past paper but I can't find the answer. An explanation of this would be so so so so so unbelievably amazing, Thank you! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I get it now : ) Thank you so so much :D

Answers:18= (9*2)= = 9 2= =3 2

Question:I can't input the symbols here, but I am working on Simplifying and rationalizing the denominator with radicals. I don't understand this one.

Answers:147 Factors are: 7, 7, 3. (7*7*3) Take out the 7: 7 3

Question:I am trying to simplify this for homework in Algebra 1. I know that I have to break it down into "perfect squares", but I don't understand how to do the whole problem. Help!

Answers:18 - 50 = 3*6 - 5*10= 3*3*2 - 5*5*2 so you can take out a three from the first radical and a five from the second. 3 2 - 5 2 the radicals are the same, so you can subtract. -2 2 yay!