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how to rotate a triangle 90 degrees

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Question:How would you rotate a triangle XYZ 90 degrees clockwise? How do you find the new coordinates?

Answers:If (a,b) is any point that is going to be rotated clockwise, the new coordinates will be (b, -a).

Question:how do i rotate a triangle 90 degrees when the coordinates are (-5,-4), (-6,4) and (3,-6)

Answers:If rotating it about the origin, 90 degrees clockwise, try x2 = y, y2 = -x Try this with the point 2, 1... it becomes 1, -2.

Question:for rotating a shape counter clockwise, you switch the nubers and multiply the first # by -1 but how do you find the new coordinates for rotating it clockwise?

Answers:you flip it over

Question:I need help rotating these triangles all about the origin. 90 degrees clockwise 180 degrees clockwise 270 degrees clockwise thanks

Answers:You have your 4 quadrant plane. start at the origin. and rotate it 90 degrees. (1 quadrant) then 180 degrees (2 quadrants) 270 degrees (3 quadrants) :) do it clockwise.. Not counter.

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