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Question:Please help me! I need to do a science project making a 3-D model of an animal cell, WITHOUT using any edible food particles. And nothing sweet smelling, please. Can you give me any suggestions?

Answers:http://www.ehow.com/how_2122156_make-animal-cell-model.html http://www.ehow.com/how_5410515_make-model-animal-cell.html http://www.wikihow.com/Build-3D-Models-of-Animal-and-Plant-Cells

Question:For school I have to make a 3D model of an animal cell. This is for the seventh grade too. I searched the internet but everything was giving directions for a plant cell model. The materials have to be things you can find around the house too. This cell has to include: Nucleus Ribosomes Mitochondria Vacuole Cytoplasm Golgo Bodies Cell Membrane Chloroplasts Endoplasmic P.S. Please don't tell me directions to a plant cell. I need directions to make and ANIMAL cell. Thanks in advance.

Answers:I gto the same thing what i did was make the cell wall wiht shoeboxex put a rubber ball fro nuclues made some food liquid for the cytopplasm made the vacoule of cigrattres and thats whatt i did

Question:Hello I am currently in the tenth (10th) grade and I am subjected to create an Animal or Plant cell model. Myself and the rest of the students have to make it out of items we buy or household items. It has to be in a glass bowl (circular or rectangular). Now, what causes a lot of worry to myself is that the teacher refused to tell the students what we needed to make the base of the cell. The base of the cell has to be some sort of gelatin like substance. (NOT EDIBLE). This "project," CANNOT contain in food related items. Please help my class and I complete this project. Picture of Animal Cell: (Below) : http://www.biologyjunction.com/images/04-05A-AnimalCell-L.jpg Picture of Plant Cell: (Below) : http://learning.mgccc.cc.ms.us/science/notes/animalcell.jpg

Answers:well for the gelatin like substance i would suggest soggy paper or tissue paper or something if its in a glass bowl u can keep it wet, but then u wont be able to mould it v well. This sounds like the stupidest project ever, trust an american school to have come up with it, i thought our projects used to be dumb. Totally off subject, but you really have to look after eggs and bags of flower lol? Anyways, sorry, being mean... um, I would suggest just using different thicknesses or card and paper, and then i dunno, a tennis ball in the middle or something also, lots of kids have asked this question by the looks of it, so check out the answers they got on here there is a search bar at the top of the page Oh!! use hair gel or something for the gelatin type substance good luck

Question:need to make a 3-d cell model of a plant cell organelles

Answers:I would use clay or something similar

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How To Make A Cell 3D model (cell cake) Grade 8 Science :If u are needing assistance in your science project here is a video we put together while we made ours so we hope you enjoy and leave a comment please! and Dont forget to subscribe, thanks =) by the way u can not have cilia AND a flagellum.. ooopsie! so make sure u only choose one of them DO NOT ADD BOTH! enjoy!