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How to Format an Informal Letter

Informal letters are completely different from formal letter. These letters are also known as personal letters, which are mostly written to near and dear once such as friends and relatives. The main reason for writing these letters could be
  • To know the well being.
  • To share joys and sorrow.
  • Invite them for social functions like birthday, marriage, etc.
To make the recipient understand who has written the letter and what he has written, the following format of informal letter should be used. First the sender name and address should be written followed by date in the next line on the left hand top corner. This should always start with capital letters. The format of informal letter is mentioned below for students understanding. 

Quail Roost,
Pittsburgh PA.

Dear John,

Salutation with recipient name makes it very clear for whom the letter is intended. The salutation should not be generic like Dear Friend; rather it is good if we write the name of the person as it gives a personal emotion. In the above example the salutation John is aware that the letter is for him.

Next is the body of the letter. This section can be divided into two paragraphs. The first paragraph you can begin with inquiring about the recipient’s well being. You can start with something like “How are you doing” Hope everything is fine at your end. It has been a long time, since we interacted.”

The next paragraph should contain the actual message which you want to convey and for which you are writing this letter. The message should be clear. In the conclusion convey regards to elders, family members. To make your letter more conversational one good tip would be that maintain an active voice for the entire letter. Also motivate the recipient to reply back to your letter by asking some questions that you wanted the recipient to answer.

Finally sign off by writing your name. For example like yours loving friend, Tom
This informal letter writing format will surely help students in understanding the actual pattern of informal letter in an appropriate manner.