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Question:Here is on the worksheet we got: Find the reference angle: (might not be a 30, 60, or 45 degree angle- just find the reference angle) a) -230 degrees b) 192 degress c) 700 degrees d) (25 pi)/6 ---(answer in terms of pi) Thanks for the answers! But how did you find them? That way I know how to do them on the test!

Answers:In quadrant 1, the degree is the answer. In quadrant 2, take the degrees and subtract from 180 (180-105 = 75) In quadrant 3, subtract 180 from the degrees (210-180 =30) In quadrant 4, subtract teh degrees from 360 (360-320=40) If it is a negative degree, find the coterminal angle by adding 360 degrees to it, (-230+360 = 130, then follow the rules above, 180-130 =50) If the degrees is greater than 360, subtract 360 from it until you are <360 degrees, 700-360= 340 degrees. Then follow the above rules. 360-340 =20 degrees. For pi, remember each unit circle is two pi, so for d, follow the rule about the degree being greater than 360. d is really 750 degrees. a) -230 degrees = 50 degrees b) 192 degrees = 18 degrees c) 700 degrees = 20 defrees d) 25pi/6 = pi/6

Question:Its Algebra 2 Angles of Rotation

Answers:First, draw 105 degrees. You should end up in the second quadrant. Now draw a line (terminal line) diagonally from the origin. Your reference angle is the angle that is created between the x-axis and the terminal line. So, to get the reference angle, you must subtract 105 degrees from 180 degrees. 180 - 105 = 75 deg

Question:How would I find the reference angle of 95 degrees, 195 degrees, and 320 degrees?

Answers:it is the acute angle formed with the x-axis since i can't draw diagrams here, see the link below for a better understanding. http://faculty.sheltonstate.edu/~drobinson/Referen%20angle.htm for these particular cases, the refernce angles are (180 - 95) , (195 - 180) & (360 - 320)

Question:I need to find the reference angles of 95 degrees, 195 degrees, and 320 degrees. Can someone tell me what a reference angle is and how I find it? Thanks.

Answers:Draw a cross. Draw a bow tie whose center goes through thecenter of the cross. The acute angles formed with the x-axis are the reference angles. 180-95= 85 195-180=15 360-320=40

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How to Find Trigonometric Ratios Based On Reference Angle :htp://SkyingBlogger.Com - for more videos on Trigonometry. In this video we learn to find "Trigonometric Ratio" based on reference angle. To find trigonometric ratios based on reference angle we first should have the knowledge of trigonometric ratios that are Trigonometric ratio of Sin = P / H Trigonometric Ratios of Cos = B / H Trigonometric Ratios of Tan = P / B Trigonometric Ratios of Sec = H / B Trigonometric Ratios of Cot = B / P Trigonometric Ratios of Co sec = H / P These all trigonometric ratios we will be able to find when we take a reference angle. And in trigonometry inside a right angle triangle take any reference angle then longest or largest side is hypotenuse, sit of the reference angle is base and opposite of the reference angle is perpendicular. Keeping these all we can easily find the trigonometric ratios based on any reference angle. I hope you understand how to find the trigonometric ratios based on reference angle.

Reference Angle for an Angle, Ex 1 (Using Degrees) :Reference Angle for an Angle, Ex 1 (Using Degrees). In this video, I find the reference angle for a few angles that are measured in degrees.