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how to find percent notation

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Question:what are these numbers scientific notation 56,000 70,000 20,000 Now, assume each number for task 1 doubles. Show how each number is multiplied by 2 and find the new numbers. Be sure each number is in scientific notation!

Answers:In scientific notation you write a number with a long string of zeros in a shorthand fashion. 56000 Look at the first non-zero part and rewrite as a number between 1 and 10 56 -> 5.6 Compare where the decimal is now (after the 5) and where it was originally (4 places to the right or positive 4). This tells you the power of 10 to use. 56000 = 5.6x10^4 or 5.6E4 in calculator speak. The others work the same 70000 = 7.0x10^4 = 7.0E4 20000 = 2.0x10^4 = 2.0E4 What happens if you double a number in scientific notation? 2x(5.6x10^4) = 11.2x10^4, but this breaks the rule about the significant part being between 1 and 10. 11.2 = 1.12x10 11.2x10^4 = 1.12x10x10^4 = 1.12x10^5 or 1.12E5 Or 2x56000 = 112000 = 1.12x10^5 (because the decimal should be 5 to the right from its new location) 2x70000 = 140000 = 1.4x10^5 2x20000 = 40000 = 4.0x10^4 (Notice the power of ten doesn't change here.) Just in passing... .00000645 = 6.45x10^-6 = 6.45E-6 because the decimal belongs 6 steps to the left of its new location.

Question:trying to learn about fraction notations and simplify 16.6% plz help

Answers:okay. percents are out of a hundred. thus, 16.6% is the same things as saying 16.6/100. so that is your fraction. you can reduce it if you want, by dividing the top and the bottom by 2 (to get 13.3/50). hope i helped! :-)

Question:The technochip costs $1,990 plus 15% more for the printer. How much does the technochip cost plus the printer? how do i find the answer?

Answers:1,990 times .15 (15% of 100) = 298.5 So add your technochip ($1990) and your printer ($298.50) to get $2288.50

Question:Write each number in standard notation. 8 x 10^6 6) Computations with Scientific Notation Perform the computations. Write answers in scientific notation. This problem is in fraction form. 9 x 10^-4 3 x 10^-6 7) Evaluating Polynomials Evaluate each polynomial as indicated. -2x^4 3x^2 + 5x 9 for x = 2 8) Addition of Polynomials Perform the indicated operation (w^2 2w + 1) + (2w 5 + w^2) 9) Subtraction of Polynomials Perform the indicated operation. (4 5y + y^3) (2 3y + y^2) 10) Multiplying Monomials Find each product. -12sq 3s 11) Multiplying Polynomials Find each product. (3c^2d d^3 + 1)8cd^2 12) Perform the indicated operation. (5x 6)(5x 6) 13) The FOIL Method Use FOIL to find each product for each problem. (2y 5)(y 2) (5n^4 1)(n^4 + 3) 14) Multiplying Binomials Quickly Find each product. Try to write only the answer. (y 1)(y + 3)(y 4) 15) Product of a Sum and a Difference Find each product. (3y^2 + 1)(3y^2 1) 16) Find each product.This entire problem is in ( ) except the ^2. The y is actually between the fraction of 2/3 2y - 1^2 3 2 17) Dividing Monomials Find each quotient. Try to write only the answer. This is in fraction form. b^19 B^12 Also in Fraction form. -12z^10y^2 -2z^4y^2 8) Dividing a Polynomial by a Binomial Complete each division and identify the quotient and remainder. Also in fraction form. 2x^3 + 4 2x Not trying to get someone to do the home work just explain how it is done. I don't want the answers to the problems.

Answers:You've got to be kidding. We're here to help someone understand some sticky point of chemistry, not to do your homework. If you have a specific question about how to do scientific notation, then by all means, ask away. But we're not about to do all of this algebra homework for you. http://www.google.com/#hl=en&safe=off&q=scientific+notation&aq=0&oq=scientific+n&aqi=g10&fp=gxFYct4ZzkE

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