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How to Find Log and Antilog

The manner logarithm is described it actually looks little dicey as most of students find the logarithm little different from other form of solving. This of course involves use of tables and making each of these into a pattern before the solving could begin.
The first thing one has to learn is to know how to find the base to and the value and finally the answer. The basic sign rules come under base to or basically the number that is getting used while the value refers to the value used from logarithm table for the base.
For instance in Log_m (n) = A ‘A’ refers to answer, ‘m refers to the base and (n) refers to value. Like what we use for logarithm the antilogarithm also has the base and values but unlike logarithm the antilogarithm gives opposite value.

The logarithm usually is used for exponential values or values which covers numbers like pie. These of course varies as we might end up with e^x where x could be any rational number.
Now another important thing to be noted is that the calculation of logarithm involves scientific notation and when the answer is found it comes out as non scientific notation. Scientific notation is basically putting decimal after one digit only.
Similarly we could find the antilog as well by using antilog table. And as expected we use non scientific notation for antilog and get the answer in scientific notations. Sometimes we come across negative numbers and in those cases we need to use the whole number next to the given number and then subtract it. So this also gives a basic idea that logarithms can never be negative numbers while antilogarithms can have negative numbers.

The use of logarithms ad antilogarithms comes very handy when we calculate for pH of some chemical substance or go for some basic calculations involving the exponential values. Usually the pH of chemical substance use logarithms and antilogarithms as well as big calculations involving exponents like in nuclear physics or nuclear chemistry. These are well known fields where the log table comes handy and once these topics are in grip a lot of big calculations become easier and one could proceed without the use of a calculator.

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