how to divide without a calculator

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Question:I know that the answer equals to 0.08, but, how would I work that out without the use of a calculator, and, in the easiest method too. Thanks

Answers:Multiply top and bottom of the fraction 2/25 by 4 and get 8/100 or 0.08

Question:I'm doing Intergration atm, and my mind's gone blank for something so easy, LOL! Cheers. :]

Answers:First of all, you're not doing 'intergration' at all. You're doing integration! 4 divided by 3/2: 4 = 4/1 To divide fractions, you have to reverse the second fraction and multiply: 4/1 x 2/3: Multiply the top numbers and then the bottom numbers (denominators): 4 x 2 = 8, 1x3 =3. So the answer is 8/3 ie 2 2/8.


Answers:pi = 180 deg.=> 5 pi / 6 = 5 * 30 = 150 deg. cos 150 deg = -cos30 deg = - 3/2.

Question:how do you work out 100 divided 7 WITHOUT a calculator???

Answers:14.29 that is to 2 decimal places, if you want to keep going you will fill the page!

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How to square root without a calculator! :How to square root without a calculator!

Dividing fractions "I Can Divide" :For those of you who just can't remember how to divide fractions, here's a song for you. At first I was afraid, i was petrified, I saw those fractions once again, forgot how to divide Its been so long since the 5th grade, I must remember it somehow But right now, I just cant quite recall how And now Im back from summer break. Just seeing all these fractions once more time can make me quake My new teacher is real tough He is hard to satisfy I learn and try And now I can divide! Oh yes now I. I can divide Even without a calculator right here by my side. Just flip what Im dividing BY, then its just easy, multiply The rule is fine, Just invert and multiply Common mistakes, I will avoid Cuz if I make them once again, my teacher gets annoyed. I will not flip the one thats first, the second one is what I need. Oh thats for sure, I now know how to read the rule! (Chorus) Oh now I know what not to say Things like cross cancelor divide by zero just go away. I will learn my factor trees they help me answer with more ease To clarify, They will help me simplify! If I forget Ill sing this tune. Or Ill be forced to practice problems from dawn til noon. Sometimes Ill make mistakes, but Ill go back to check my work Fix it I will, cuz wrong answers really hurt!