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Question:I need help figuring out how to divide a polynomial by a monomial for homework. The example on my is: a^2+2a/a Help please, I don't get this at all. Thanks in advance!

Answers:You can do that in a few different ways. The easiest is just learning how to factor. You would rewrite the equation as (2*a*a + 2*a). Its pretty clear that "a" is a common factor so it can be removed from the equation. So factored is would be a(2a+2). The question now becomes a(2a+2)/a . The two a in the denominator and the numerator cancel and you are left with 2a+2. You would also use synthetic or long division. I hope this helped!

Question:Create a unique example of dividing a polynomial by a monomial and provide the simplified form. (PLEASE) Explain, in complete sentences, the two ways used to simplify this expression and how you would check your quotient for accuracy.

Answers:(x - 2x + x 1) : ( x- 2)= the quotient 3x +4x+ 9 and reminder 17 Here is the method for calculation 3x +4x+ 9 ------------------------ ** x-2 / 3x - 2x + x 1 \ first 3x divide by x the result is 3x **** 3x - 6x *********** 3x multiply by ( x-2) ------------------- * - ******substraction *******4x + x **********divide again by x etc +4x *******4x -8x ********** 4x multiply by x-2 --------------------* -*******substraction ....etc *********+9x - 1 *********+9x -18 -----------------------* - ************+17 ***** here is the rest because 17 can t be divided by x you can do the same way for x +x-2 / 2x -0x + 3x - 2x + x 1 \

Question:Dont answer if you don't know. Provide examples if possible. Thanxxx!

Answers:Here's an answer I provided a few months ago: The question was "What is (8x^3 - 4x^2 - 7) / (2x+1)"? The technique is the same even if what you're dividing by is a monomial. This is the closest example I could find. ---------------------------------------- Long division of polynomials. Set it up like you would any 'normal' long division problem. .........______________________ 2x+1 ) 8x^3 - 4x^2 - ........... 7 Then ask yourself "What do I need to multiply 2x by to get 8x^3? Answer is 4x^2. So that goes on top and you multiply (2x+1) * 4x^2 and enter that below the 8x^3 - 4x^2 - 7 line and subtract - just like in 'normal' long division. Continue this process until you get an exact division or a remainder. I got (8x^3 - 4x^2 - 7) / (2x +1) = 4x^2 - 4x + 2 - [9/(2x+1)]

Question:this is the question: Explain how to multiply a monomial by a polynomial. Also include examples where you need to simplify after multiplying . HELP! PLEASE AND THANK YOU .

Answers:1. Multiply term by term. 2. Add/subtract all numbers with same variables. Example: (x+1)(x +x+1) x +x +x+x +x+1 x +2x +2x+1

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