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Question:how do you work out 100 divided 7 WITHOUT a calculator???

Answers:14.29 that is to 2 decimal places, if you want to keep going you will fill the page!

Question:I am going to be taking these tests at school and we cant have a calculator. I am not good at doing addition, subtracting, adding, and multiplying in my head. Do you know any shortcuts on how to make it easier?

Answers:Yes, there are short cuts, but you need to do a lot of practice. e.g. multiply by 10 = add a zero or shift the decimal point multiplying by 5 = multiply by 10 and halve add 9 = add 10, subtract 1 there are dozens of tricks, but they don't help if you don't practice them.

Question:I'm bad at maths and I'm doing an exam which I have to divide a 4 digit number by 8 eg: 4800 / 8 = do you have any tips on how I can do this in my head?

Answers:Divide by 2, then divide again, then again. 4800 2400 1200 600

Question:17.85 + 7 3/4 + 6 1/2 i know the answer. i'd like some one to explain how i'd do the work. i'm guessing i convert both mixed numbers into improper fractions. but i dont get how to add them with the decimal. its been a while since i've done a problem like this. i'm rusty, thats all. please help me be "not rusty".

Answers:You convert the fractional side of the mixed number into a decimal dividing the numerator by the denominator, so in 7 3/4 , 3 divided by 4 = 7.75 and 6 1/2 = 6.5 . Then add the three decimals. 17.85+7.75+6.5= 31.10 I hope I made myself clear.

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dividing decimals :this video shows you a method for dividing decimals and also how to divide whole numbers that don't go exact note that not all decimals go exact so if they don't just add zeros on after decimal point as shwon with the whole number examples and keep going until you have no remainder or you get a pattern that keeps repeating then that is a recurring decimal note also if it is 3 or 4 numbers repating put a dot above the first and last one in the pattern

Dividing Decimals Tutorial :This brief tutorial explains how to divide decimal numbers, created by two students from MBIS in Term Four 2008.