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how many feet in one kilometer

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Question:How many feet are in 1 kilometer(s)?

Answers:3280.84 feet


Answers:There are 3,280.84 feet in a kilometer.

Question:It would be very much appreciated if someone could show me step by step HOW to do this, and please, not just an answer. Given that 3.281 feet equals 1m and using only that (aside from the fact that there are 5,280 feet in a mile) how do i go about finding how much of a mile equals a kilometer? (I know it's a decimal but i need to know HOW) I only got as far as figuring out that a mile equals 1609.27 meters or 1.609 kilometers.

Answers:using your numbers: 3.281 ft = 1 meter 5280 ft = 1 mile 1000 meters = 1 kilometer So, you can approach this in two methods: How many feet are in 1 kilometer? 1 kilometer = 1000 meters = 1000*3.281 ft = 3281 ft. Now compare the number of feet in a kilometer to the number of feet in a mile to give you a fraction to tell you what direction to convert: 3281 ft in a kilometer / 5280 ft in a mile = 3281/5280 ~= 0.621 miles in one kilometer or 5280 ft in a mile / 3281 ft in a kilometer = 5280/3281 ~= 1.609 kilometers in one mile How many meters are in one mile? 1 ft = 1/3.281 meters 1 mile = 5280 ft = 5280/3.281 meters = 1609.27 meters = 1.609 km you can use the same ratio of 1 mile = 1.609 km to convert back and forth. divide both sides by 1.609, and you'll get 1/1.609 miles = 1 km, or .621 miles = 1 km. you can add/subtract/multiply/divide, so long as you do the same operation to both sides of an = equation, and you'll still preserve the same equality.


Answers:Let's be a little more precise. 1 foot equals 0.3048 meters. So, here we go 5280 x 0.3048 / 1000 = 1.609 Km per mile. That''s within about a foot, or at least the one that has 12 inches in it. :-)