how many faces does a triangular prism have

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Triangular prism

In geometry, a triangular prism is a three-sided prism; it is a polyhedron made of a triangular base, a translated copy, and 3 faces joining corresponding sides.

Equivalently, it is a pentahedron of which two faces are parallel, while the surface normals of the other three are in the same plane (which is not necessarily parallel to the base planes). These three faces are parallelograms. All cross-sections parallel to the base faces are the same triangle.

A right triangular prism is semiregular if the base faces are equilateral triangles, and the other three faces are squares.

The dual of a triangular prism is a 3-sided bipyramid.

The symmetry group of a right 3-sided prism with triangular base is D3h of order 12. The rotation group is D3of order 6.

The symmetry group does not contain inversion.

It can be considered as a truncatedtrigonal hosohedron.


The volume of any prism is the product of the area of the base and the distance between the two bases. In this case the base is a triangle so we simply need to compute the area of the triangle and multiply this by the length of the prism:

V = \frac{1}{2} bhl where b is the triangle base length, h is the triangle height, and l is the length between the triangles.

Related polyhedra

It is related to the following sequence of uniform truncated polyhedra.

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Question:i belive a triangular prism has 5 faces

Answers:you're right, 5. :)


Answers:Two long trapezoids; two triangles (Equilateral?); a rectangular base So 5 faces



Question:What's a triangular prism ?

Answers:6 (vertices are points, or sharp corners). Each triangle has three Look at this one: You can see that it also has 9 edges: 3 on each triangle, and three connecting them together Finally, it has 5 faces: the 2 triangles and the 3 rectangles.