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how many edges does a triangular prism have

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Question:What's a triangular prism ?

Answers:6 (vertices are points, or sharp corners). Each triangle has three Look at this one: http://education.yahoo.com/homework_help/math_help/solutionimages/mini6and7gt/7/1/1/mini6and7gt_7_1_1_1_60/f-409-9-1.gif You can see that it also has 9 edges: 3 on each triangle, and three connecting them together Finally, it has 5 faces: the 2 triangles and the 3 rectangles.

Question:i belive a triangular prism has 5 faces

Answers:you're right, 5. :) http://www.korthalsaltes.com/foto/triangular_prism_rightangel.jpg http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/resources/online/2006/grade10/math/images/25graphicaa.gif


Answers:Two long trapezoids; two triangles (Equilateral?); a rectangular base So 5 faces

Question:Study Geometric construction and I came across this question. I researched my text but cannot find info on a trancated right triangular prism, does anyone know the answer?

Answers:A right triangular prism is what you get when you take a triangle and move it perpendicular to its plane. Think of a box whose cross section is a triangle instead of a rectangle. It has five faces, six vertices (three for each of the end triangles), and nine edges (three for each of the end triangles, and one connecting each pair of corresponding vertices). To truncate a polyhedron means to blunt each vertex by chopping it off, leaving a face. In this case there are three edges meeting at each vertex, so each new face is a triangle. You get 11 faces (the five original faces, now smaller, and the six made by truncating six vertices), 18 vertices (each original vertex is chopped off leaving a triangle), and 27 edges (the original nine, now shorter, and the three edges of each new triangular face).