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how many decibels is too loud

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Question:Ok, I have a 30-40 decibel hearing loss in one of my ears. How many decibels(how loud) is a normal human talking on average? Is 30-40 decibels alot to loose in one ear?

Answers:Okay, you have a mild to moderate hearing loss. Basically it is not good to have any hearing loss, but you are in pretty good shape it could be much worse. If the other ear is normal you probably do not need a hearing aid yet. Although you may find you have some difficulty hearing in more difficult situations such as background noise (in restaurant or in room with TV on), or reverberant environments (like auditoriums). Normal speech is at about 55 dB. So it sounds kinda quiet to you in that ear compared to the other ear. What I recommend is keeping an eye on your hearing and having it tested by an audiologist every year or two or sooner if you notice a change in hearing ability. And be VERY vigilant about wearing your ear protection at concerts, clubs, mowing the lawn, using power tools, etc.

Question:In other words how loud does a sound have to be to break glass.

Answers:130 - 140 decibels at the natural frequency of the glass (to cause resonance) should shatter it.

Question:Can You Guys Tell Me How Many Decibels Im Hitting With This System? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AkeFz6vstwDBgDLtb7E9qfzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080524220251AAd5Qsf I Hope Its Between 158-170 But I Doubt It! What Will I Have To Upgrade In Order To Hit 170 Db? I Wanna Be Crowned The Loudest Car In St.Louis Missouri 10 POINTS!!!!!

Answers:we have 8 woofers 12 in our truck that is 96 inches of cone area about 6k watts rms mmats none of that junk hifonics you plan to use and we have a lot of batteries and dual 200 amp alternator max spl is about 157 godd luck if you make it to 150 maybe 140db

Question:How can I measure volume of headphone in db?? on the specifications of headphone following mentioned sensitivity-105 db/mw impedance-32 ohz power export - 1000 mw frequency-20hz-20000 hz Does it say anything about db? I am asking this because I am using headphone for voice chat and voip...and I want to make sure I am not damaging my ears

Answers:It looks to me that these headphones are capable of producing 105db. You could get an SPL meter (Radio Shack used to sell them.) and place the microphone directly onto the headphone and measure the SPL. Yes, with some headphones, you could damage your ears. SPL for speakers is measured in db at a certain distance from the speaker, typically at one meter. The closer to the speaker, the louder it is. Headphones are placed very closely to your ears. But 105db doesn't sound that loud to me. As a sound man for rock bands, I normally ran the system at 117db for most of the room. I think most hearing damage comes with impulse sounds that far exceed the levels we are accustomed. Jack Hammers and other such loud noises produce such sounds. Loud music is compressed, and as such, represents a sustained pressure level. Unless you listen to it at extreme levels, for long periods of time, it's generally not going to harm you.

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WRX exhaust decibel meter :This is to show how loud the TXS exhaust is in decibels for the people that are interested in how loud it is. Sounds ALOT louder in person. Just audible 10 dB Whisper Quiet Library 30dB Normal conversation (3-5') 60-70dB Vacuum cleaner 70dB Food blender 85dB Train whistle at 500', Truck Traffic 90dB Subway train at 200' 95dB Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss 90 - 95dB Snowmobile, Motorcycle 100dB Power saw at 3' 110dB Gets up to 112+ at WOT from outside

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