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Question:please explain! Here is an example: 3x-14 sOrry how about the example How do you simplify ths? 3x5

Answers:Collect like terms --> same variables are alike, numbers are a like and you just add and subtract them depending on the question

Question:1)the round-trip distance between kaitlins house and her school is 3.2 miles.kaitlin rides her bike to school 3 days per week.write an expression that can be used to find the # of miles kaitlin rides in w weeks 2)at a self-service copy center,the cost of making copies is $0.08 per copy for the 100 copies,$0.06 per copy for copies 101-200,and $0.05 per copy for any above 200.stan needs to make 7 copies of a 30 page much should he expect to pay? 3)maria poured out g glasses of juice for a party she is hosting.if each glass contained 0.2 liter of juice,which expression decribes the total amount of juice she poured? 4)after driving 159.7 miles,rasheed had r miles left to travel.if the total distance he needd to travel was 201.3 miles, which equation can you use to find the value of r?

Answers:3w(3.2) $14.50 0.2g 159.7 + r = 201.3

Question:Evaluate each expression if x = 7, y = 15, and z = 8. 1.) 9y / (2x+1) What is the answer I need help! Will you tell me how to do it?

Answers:ok first you have to replace the letters with the numbers.. 9x15/(2x7+1) then you need to figure out the problem that's in the brackets 2 times 7=14 plus 1=15 so you can change it to 9x15/15 9 times 15=135 divded by 15=9 So the answer is 9 Hope i helped! :) if you need some more help email me im 13 and im in grade 10

Question:Does it mean to solve it? OR something else? Example problem... 6 x (times) 7 - 3(4 + 1) I came up with the answer---27...any thoughts?? Thanks so much!!!

Answers:To simply is the destination of all complex problems. So if you have a part of your mathematical expression such as ( 4 + 1) it is simpler to say 5. Hence 6 x 7 - 3 x 5. It is a simpler expression. But do not try to solve it yet, it can become even simpler. Now then what is 6 x 7 It is 42 What is 3 x 5 It is 14 Now the expression is simpler 42 - 14 What is 42 - 14? Easy yes? You know the answer before you count it because it is so much simpler. The important question to ask your teacher is to teach you the order of operations. This means when you have a complex and messy expression what operation do you perform first, the multiplication, the division, or the addition and subtraction. TO get full marks you need to show each step of your simplification. To give you a heads up for next class First do all operations that lie inside brackets. This is easy because we already know that they are separate from the rest of the expression and they belong together. Working from left to right, do the multiplication. Then working from left to right do all division. Finally, working from left to right, do all addition and subtraction. It is very easy. But as I recall, my teachers made math so complicated. You may wish to ask your parents to get you a computer program to teach you. You have no idea how stupid teachers are. Also if you get the easiness of algebra you may wish to study logic later.