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Question:In my school it's pre-algebra A, pre-algebra b, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, mathematic analysis ( pre calculus), calculus AB, calculus BC, AP Statistics i am currently an incoming 9th grader and im most likely going to pre calculus. is that a high class? oh ps: algebra 1 is a 9th grade course and what are the math courses in college? plz and ty

Answers:Pre-calculus is what most seniors take; if you were advanced, you'd be taking calculus in high school. If you continue math in college, you'll take calculus I, II, III, linear algebra, discrete math, and differential equations (ordinary and partial). Unless you're a math major, you won't need more than that (and not many majors even require that much).

Question:I forgot how to add fractions, and my Calculator was stolen. I'm getting a new one later today, but I'd still like it to be explained. This is the problem: 8/3+ 63/7 + .25, +12 But what I really need to find is this: 1/4 + 2 and 2/3 + 9/1 +12 and 1/2 Any help? An Explaination would be great, the answer and how to get it. I'm getting a migraine. Thanks in advance! 2 and 2/3 and 12 and 1/2 are mixed numbers. I cant type them right on here, but those two are mixed numbers. 12 and 1 over 2 ,Twelve and One half 2 and 2 over 3 ,Two and Two-thirds Just being clear. KELP!

Answers:To add fractions, try to find a common denominator (the bottom). 8/3 + 63/7 + .25 +12 1/2 8/3 - a fraction is basically a division problem. 8 divided by 3 is 2 and 2/3 (check: 3*2 +2 = 8) 63/7 - likewise, a division problem. 63 divided by 7 is 9 (9*7 = 63) .25 - the decimal version of 1/4. think that .25 is 25/100 --> if you reduce this, you get 1/4 12 - a mixed fraction, it can also be written as 25/2 So if you add up all the numbers, you get... 8/3 + 9 + 1/4 + 25/2 --> the least common denominator is 12 (1, 2, 3, & 4 are the denominators in the problem, and all are factors of 4) =32/12 + 108/12 + 3/12 + 150/12 =(32+108+3+150)/12 =293/12 Thus, your answer is 293/12. Hope that helps!

Question:okay. i understand how to solve multi step equations to a point, but this is really confusing me. even though my answers are wrong, i will write them under the questions. please help! thanks so much :) 1. Jacob is thinking of 3 numbers. the greatest is twice the least. the middle is three more than the least. altogether, the number equals 75. find the numbers. my answer: labels: n=first number 3 + n=2nd number 3n=3rd number verbal equation: (this was UBER hard for me) 1st number + 2nd number + 1st number + double the 3rd =total algebraic equation: n + 3 + n + 3n =75 I got a decimal answer b/c i got 5n = 72 at the end (cuz i subtracted 3) and its supposed to be a whole number. Thanks! I just really need help with the algebraic. 2. the total weight of three sacks is 204 pounds. sack B weighs 30 pounds more than sack A, and that sack C weighs 15 pounds more than sack B. how much does each sack weigh? labels: sack a = w sack b= 30 + w sack c = 15 + 30 + w algebraic ( i dont wanna write out my verbal equation because i think its really wrong) w + 30 + w + 30 + w + 15= 204 i ended up getting 33 for sack A and 63 for sack B and 78 for sack C, but it only adds up to 144. can you help please? thank u all soooo much! ur answers will be greatly appreciated :)))

Answers:my answer: labels: n=first number 3 + n=2nd number 3n=3rd number I believe this formula is wrong. it should be 2n not 3n because the number is TWICE the least

Question:I am in the sixth grade and i am on the highest Level of math but some algebra i cant do i can do x-4=9 here is my problems. 1. 10+2(4+w) simplify 2. 3(n+2m)+m simplify 3. What is the value of x in the following equation? 2.5/x=0.04 A) 100 B) 62.5 C) 0.1 D) 0.016 PLEASE DONT JUST GIVE ANSWERS BECAUSE NEXT WEEK I HAVE MY END OF GRADE TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Answers:Here's how you do the first one 10+(2times 4)+(2 times w) 10+8+2w the answer is 18+2w the 2nd one is: (3 times n )+ (3 times 2m) + m 3n + 6m +m so the answer is 3n + 7m the last one is: d

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What You Know About Math? - Middle School :A parody of TI's "What You Know" meant to entertain and inspire math fans! Filmed and edited by teaching staff and students from Bohannon Middle School in San Lorenzo, California in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008. (With mad props to the inspiration of TI-84 Ft. -E, the YouTube "What You Know About Math" originators!) Lyrics... What You Know About Math? Aye..aye..aye..aye. What you know about math? (x3) What you know... I represent BMS when I add, divide and subtract Low-riding sack where I'm holdin' all my work at What you know about math? (x3) I know all about math Answers 44, real easy, it's a sig fig You got 45, you rounded high, your answer's too big What you know about math? (x3) Hey I know all about math Got my calculator, new and clean, it's shining bright G Extra paper, yo, cuz I gotta show my work, see You know we multiply, while memorizing pi Prime factor to the sky, be sure to simplify Grab the utility, it's Algebra to me Twenty questions on the test now, don't you go and cheat off me Distance is rate times time, measured in a straight line Exponents hecka fine, what's your score, can't beat mine Equations balance right, same step on either side Inverse operations -- get ya closer to the finish line Use GEMDAS all the time, expressions simplify If you use half your mind, then you can solve it every time I can solve math problems with my SuperPowered math mind Beating down equations like a Full Throttle Einstein What you know about math? (x3) I know all ...