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Question:Does anybody have any ideas for a high school level science project? I need to do a science project for Physics, but our project doesn't have to deal with Physics. He's giving us around 3 weeks to complete this project. So he doesn't want us to do a project on plants or animals. Any ideas?

Answers:make a scale trebuchet and explain how the counter weight system works its fun and easy plus you get to shoot something across your classroom

Question:I have to come up with a slightly advanced science fair project for the science fair. I like to play music(piano and flute) and i wouldn't mind to do something with food. any ideas?

Answers:Look into the the sound waves produced by different instruments to explain differences in tones (i.e. you can play the same notes on a piano and flute but the tonality will be different... explain WHY this is by looking at the actual sound waves) FYI... audacity offers a free music recording program where you can zoom in far enough to see each sound wave (pretty neat)

Question:I have to do a report for history were I got to make a civilization. There was a written part and then a visual part. I don't really know how I would do a visual part for it. I would love to make some 3D Model of my roman city but I have no idea how to do that. I cant draw so that's out. I really just need a easy way to make one that looks pretty good and can be done on my computer. PLZ HELP.

Answers:you said u want to do something 3d on the computer? well im not sure about that BUT if u wanted to do a cool 3d arty thing, u could go paper-mache style? like if u get a cereal cox and cut it into a big square and stick match boxes onto it and then go over the whole thing in toilet paper/kitchen roll with watered down pva glue and then when its all dry paint on ur roman thing. Or u could always just do it on the ceaser 3 computer game?

Question:high school level science project ideas? cant think of any, what did other poeple do what did u do? anything involving horses, sleep deprivation, music or scientific theory's? needs to be good thanx!

Answers:the theory that popcorn can break glass when compressed during heating

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Simple Science Fair Projects And Ideas For Kids :www.Easy-Kids-Science-Experiments.com Discover lots of easy kids science experiments and fun science projects for elementary science experiments, middle school science experiments, and high school science experiments. Weve put together simple science projects that include anything and everything from bubble science experiments and cool science experiments with balloons, to science projects for eighth graders and high school level science experiments.