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Question:Venus flytraps are plants, which makes them autorophic, but they do eat and digest insects, which would make them heterotrophic. So is a Venus flytrap an autotroph, because it is a plant, and photosynthesizes, or is it a heterotroph because it eats and digests insects?

Answers:I would say that it is an autotroph with an unusual method of gaining needed nutrients. Venus flytraps produce their own food using light, water, CO2, and nutrients taken up through roots and from the occasional insects they catch. The insects do not provide energy for the plant, just make up for the nutrients lacking in the poor, boggy soil that the plant grows in.

Question:Is a african elephant a autotroph or a heterotroph?

Answers:an autotroph is an organism that can synthesise its own food materials like plants. surely an elephant cant synthesise its own food so its a heterotroph...


Answers:Ok heterotrophs are the organism that finds food, does matter if they just digest them or the hunt for the food, its the same, so all you have to remeber is the organism that doesn;t make food for themselve the organism that are heterotrophs are anything but plants, meaning fungi, protist, animals, Autotroph are the organism taht make their food, plants are one, and their is some organism that can make their own food but also hunt for their food, mostly marine plankton

Question:I already know that a venus flytrap is an autotroph, because it eats flies and other small insects strictly for proteins. Is there one that exists that's both??? thank you!!

Answers:ANSWER: Yes! EXAMPLE: Euglena. It is a single-celled organism that has both plant- and animal-like characteristics. It is classified as a Eukaryote from Kingdom Protista. CHARACTERISTICS: It can photosynthesize when there is light, therefore, it can make its own food. But when light is not available it can get food from its aquatic environment. It can also swim by the motion of its flagella. For more information and a killer video, see the site below: