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Answers:By definition a solution is a homogeneous mixture.

Question:explain and give examples please and name whether or not these are a heterogeneous mixture or a solution maple syrup-- [i got solution] seawater-- [i got solution] melted rocky road ice cream-- [i got heterogeneous mixture] but i'm not sure. confused, but i am. i did my homework, but i said i wasn't sure if i got it right. i kind of know the definition of these words, but it's hard to identify it. but thanks

Answers:Yes, you are correct. Homogeneous appears the same throughout. Hetro: you can see bits and pieces in it.

Question:can u please describe these 4 defeinitions in a way i can understand because i read a lot of definitions, but i still get confused when im doing word problems related to them. So please tell me. Thank You

Answers:HOMOGENEOUS (SAME) Homogeneous mixtures are mixtures that are the same all the way throughout, such as salt water or lemonade. No matter what size a sample is, it will be exactly the same as all other samples of the same ingredients. HETERGENEOUS (DIFFERENT) Heterogeneous mixtures are mixtures with differences in different areas of itself. Chex Mix or salad demonstrate this well. Although a salad may have tomatoes, lettuce, onions, dressing, cucumbers, carrots, etc., samples will not be of the exact composure each time the original mixture is split.

Question:give 5 examples each

Answers:Homogenous mixtures have definite, true composition and propriety Examples are solutions 1 ) NaCl dissoving in water 2 ) sugar dissolving in water 3) Gold into mercury 4 ) water vapore in athmosphere 5 ) soft drinks where CO2 is trapped in the liquid Heterogenous mixtures are mixtures with definitr composition 1) granite 2) salad 3) trail 4) milk before homogenization 5) ponda

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A Solution :The definition of the word solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances. I believe that to be the answer to the problems we face today. Finding a solution becomes the solution to today's problems.